Tuesday 15 October 2019

Kazakhstan: The “Virtual exhibition” pilot project is launched within KTZ

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The project is being implemented at the initiative of the Technical Centre of the Company.

“Virtual Exhibition” enables employees of KTZ, its structural divisions and subsidiaries to use full-text information materials on specific topics (books, magazines, thematic collections, analytical reviews) directly at their workplace.

The first theme of the exhibition is “Logistics in Transport”. The mailing list includes executives and specialists involved in coordinating logistics development programmes, marketing and transit policies, integrated transport planning, and KTZ Express employees. At regional level, the recipients are the deputy heads of the logistics department.

“Virtual exhibition” allows the user to evaluate the material received through the “feedback” functionality with ratings of “satisfactory”, “good” and “excellent”.

“The next “Virtual Exhibition” will be devoted to the issues of digitalization in railway transport”, said N. Smolyanova, chief manager for scientific and technical information and analysis of the Technical Centre.

In future, such exhibitions will be held twice a month, covering all areas of the Company’s activities, which will ensure the creation of a favourable knowledge management environment.

(Source: KTZ)

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