Tuesday 29 October 2019

Iran: RAI welcoming international tourist trains

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The 29th International tourist train, known as Golden Eagle, on tour on the Silk Road (North-South) entered Iran from the Sarakhs border with Turkmenistan and arrived in Mashhad, North-East of Iran, on 9 October 2019. This train started its journey from Mashhad on 10 October 2019 and the tourists on this train visited the tourist and historical cities in Iran such as Mashhad, Yazd, Kerman, Rayen & Mahan (in Kerman), Kerman, Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran for six days. The first part of this train tour ended when the train entered Tehran railway station on 15 October.

The number of tourists of the first part of this tour, named as Silk Road (North-South), was 20 people from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Hungry, Poland, New Zealand, China and Russia. The 46-member crew from Russia, Hungry and Turkmenistan were accompanying these tourists.

Moreover, the 30th international tourist train again named Silk-Road (North-South), started its journey from Tehran Railway Station on 15 October. The tourists visited the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, Rayen, Mahan, Yazd and Mashhad in six days. This tour ended on 20 October when the train arrived in Mashhad Railway Station. The tourists of the second tour were 39 people from Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Iranian Railways (RAI) is developing its tourist trains and with regard to historical and very attractive tourist places in Iran, RAI has developed its railway network to the main cities across the country and welcomes international tourist, tour operators and trains for visiting this country, the country of four seasons.
Over the last four years a lot of international tourists have visited Iran by tourist trains.

(Source: RAI)

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