Tuesday 10 December 2019

China: Railway e-ticketing applied at 11 stations in Hubei

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With the expansion of the pilot application of railway e-ticketing, since 20 November, Hankou Station, Houhu Station, Jinyintan Station, Tianhejie Station, Tianhe Airport Station, Huaiyin Station, Minji Station, Maochen Station, Xiaogan East Station, Hongan West Station and Macheng North Station have become the first batch of e-ticketing pilot stations under the management of China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd., making it easier for passengers to travel by EMUs.

It is reported that when Wuhan-Shiyan HSR is put into operation, e-ticketing will also be applied at stations along the railway. At the end of this year, e-ticketing will gradually be applied at all EMU stopping stations under the management of China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd.

E-ticketing is a kind of railway transport contract embodied in the form of electronic data. After the full implementation of e-ticketing, passengers will no longer use paper tickets when taking G, D and C-series trains at stations where e-ticketing services are available. The implementation of e-ticketing is to transfer the roles of paper tickets such as passenger transport contracts, boarding passes and reimbursement vouchers to e-ticketing, apply the electronic data as the passenger’s voucher for railway transport contracts, promote paperless and diversified boarding passes, and electronic reimbursement vouchers according to the relevant legal provisions.

After the implementation of e-ticketing, it will be more convenient and efficient for passengers to purchase tickets at stations, take trains, refund and change tickets.

At present, the e-ticketing are only piloted at the officially announced stations. If a passenger’s departure station and the arrival station are both the pilot stations for e-ticketing, the e-ticketing can be purchased. If the train to be taken by a passenger operates on both pilot lines and non-pilot lines, and one of the departure stations and the destination station is out of the pilot scope, he/she can only buy the paper ticket.

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