Tuesday 28 January 2020

Czech Republic: Správa železnic carries out reconstruction work on station buildings throughout the country

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Last year, Správa železnic continued with the reconstruction and repair of passenger buildings throughout the Czech Republic. Work on 60 station buildings at minimum under way will bring higher comfort and travelling culture including modern handling premises and barrier-free access. The infrastructure manager thus fulfils the Government Programme declaration from June 2018, namely in the field of repair and reconstruction of station buildings.

”We invested record-breaking sums for renovations of station buildings in 2019. From a total sum of CZK 1.5 billion, more than CZK 1.1 billion was used for repairs and more than CZK 480 was used for reconstruction preparation and implementation. We will keep such a pace this year too", said Mr Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železnic and added: “In 2020, 116 stations are going to be renovated for a sum exceeding CZK 1.7 billion. One billion Czech crowns is prepared for investments, 45 constructions will be implemented. The renaming CZK 700 million are designed for repairs. Reconstruction of 55 more buildings is under preparation.”

In 2019, Správa železnic opened repaired station buildings in Sokolov, Kolín, Nelahozeves and three building on the so-called “Sázava Pacific Line”. At the same time, more extensive reconstructions were launched such as the Fanta Building facade at Prague Main Station or in Havířov and Strakonice. Správa železnic continued with repairs of large historical station buildings in České Budějovice, Plzeň or Pardubice, greatly expected by the general public.

In České Budějovice, works will start in the first half of the year. The listed building will be completely renovated to become a dignified entrance gate to the South Bohemian capital. Together with the passenger building’s repairs, a revitalization of adjoining outer premises is expected.

In 2020, a complex renovation of the Plzeň Main station historical building should be launched as well. This building also counts as a listed one. The reconstruction has as objective to return the architectonically valuable original shape to the station building. Nevertheless, the needs of passengers will also be taken into account during repairs so that they can look forward to more pleasant interior premises and a vast offer of services within the hall.

Another important investment is being prepared by Správa železnic in Pardubice. The unique station building at the local main station will experience complete reconstruction including a new dispositional arrangement of internal premises and building escalators to the underpass.

(Source: SZDC)

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