Tuesday 14 April 2020

China-Laos Railway: Construction fully resumes of international corridor

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In March, to catch up with the construction progress slowed by the epidemic, over 20,000 railway builders raced against time to construct the Yuxi-Mohan Section of China-Laos Railway. On 19 March, a work resumption investigating group dispatched by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council investigated the site of Yuxi-Mohan Railway, fully affirming its quick resumption to construction in full swing.

The quickly resumed Yuxi-Mohan Railway has set off a construction upsurge. It has offered jobs to more than 4,000 villagers living along the railway, and also supported the construction material plants supplying aggregate, cement, steel, etc. along the railway, making its contribution to the poverty shake-off in cities and counties along the railway this year.

Located in the southern part of Yunnan Province, Yuxi-Mohan Railway connects Yuxi Station of Kunming-Yuxi-Hekou Railway in the north and reaches Mohan on the border between China and Laos after passing Yuxi, Pu’er and Xishuangbanna in the south, which is a key project on the Trans-Asian Railway Corridor and serving the Belt and Road Initiative. To ensure that Yuxi-Mohan Railway will be put into operation on schedule, before the Spring Festival this year, the Diannan Railway Construction Directorate of China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. urged the builders and contractors to strengthen on-site management such as resource allocation, process conversion, potential exploiting for efficiency enhancement and motivation with guarantees. It has arranged in advance the continuous construction of the critical works of Yuxi-Mohan Railway during the Spring Festival, with 8,004 construction conmpanies’ employees working at site and construction maintained at 94 work sites. Apart from preventing the project schedule from being affected during the Spring Festival holiday, it has played a positive role in quickly resuming work and driving the construction resumption of other work sites after the Spring Festival.

At present, construction has been resumed in all work sites of Yuxi-Mohan Railway, with 22,896 workers on duty, an increase of 21% over the number before the Spring Festival. On 15 February, the Lixin Tunnel was successfully created, and on 13 March, Wanhe Tunnel, the first 10,000-m long tunnel in the whole railway was successfully bored. The boring-through of Malizhai Tunnel on 15 March has played a positive role in promoting the full resumption of the whole railway’s normal construction. As of 25 March, the total investment for Yuxi-Mohan Railway had reached RMB 37.1 billion, and 93%, 80% and 86% of subgrade, bridge and tunnel works on the railway had been completed.

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