Tuesday 14 April 2020

Norway: Drammen station becomes the first train station in Norway on solar cells

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The new station is powered by self-produced renewable energy. With a solar panel totalling 4,500 square metres, we save both climate and money.

In 2024 Drammen will have a new railway station which opens towards the city, with direct access from the city bridge and the railway quay to the platforms. The train service is strengthened and new areas for urban development are released.

The new station will have three platform roofs over the six tracks. It is these roofs that will be covered by thin mats with a solar panel, which will provide clean, renewable energy. The energy will be used for light and heat at the station, for technical installations, heat for heat exchangers and other equipment.

“We always look for new opportunities to save energy and find climate-friendly solutions. We are a major consumer of electricity and here we get a completely emissions-free production. We will use all the green energy that is produced”, said environmental manager Håvard Kjerkol at Bane NOR.

Builds own energy grid
The solar panels have a life expectancy of at least 25 years. During that time, 2.5 million kilowatt hours are produced, which in turn means that Drammen station will be supplied with clean energy for a quarter of a century.

“Some of the power can also be used at Gulskogen station or follow the new, continuous power grid we build from here and down in Vestfold. There, we can supply emission-free energy to a number of the railway’s technical houses”, said assistant project manager Glenn Thomas Johansen at Bane NOR. “Even after 15-17 years, the solar cells will have produced so much energy that they have paid for their own purchasing costs. This means that the solar cells will also contribute financially for a decade.”

Focuses on a cleaner environment
Located on top of the platform roofs, the solar panels will be clearly visible in parts of Drammen, not least from the new urban bridge to be built.

  • “These thin panels are decorative and pretty. They will not stand out very much from other roofs and have a solid black colour”, said Glenn Thomas Johansen.
    “Now the solar panel will be considered as a solution in all new plants being built by Bane NOR.”
  • “Renewable energy can save us great emissions in the long run. At the same time, we save money. All of our projects are measured as contributing to a cleaner climate, and we are always looking for new ways to reduce emissions when building a new railway”, said environmental manager Håvard Kjerkol.

(Source: Bane NOR)

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Renewable energy can save us great emissions in the long run. At the same time, we save money © Norconsult / Baezini (for Bane NOR)
Renewable energy can save us great emissions in the long run, says environmental manager Håvard Kjerkol, with assistant project manager Glenn Thomas Johansen in Bane NOR on the right