Tuesday 21 April 2020

Kazakhstan: KTZ Express delivered mobile homes for the construction of a provisional hospital in Almaty

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KTZ Express organised the transportation of 226 mobile homes for the prefabricated infectious diseases hospital, which is being built by BI Group near Almaty.

The container train consisting of 52 fitting platforms, 37 open wagons, 2 universal platforms and 1 covered wagon loaded with mobile homes was sent from Opornaya station (Mangistau region) in the direction of Burundai station (Almaty).

It is worth noting that due to the coordinated work of the shipment participants, the valuable cargo spent only three days on the journey and was delivered to the destination one day earlier than the planned date.

Note that the modular medical facility from prefabricated structures is designed for 280 beds. According to reports, the building will be earthquake-resistant and mobile - if necessary, it can be transported to any area of the metropolis.

(Source: KTZ)

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