Tuesday 12 May 2020

Netherlands: Further corona measures at stations

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The public transport sector is preparing – in close collaboration with the government – to be able to transport travellers in a responsible manner, now and in the future, during the period that measures are in place regarding the Coronavirus. From Monday 4 May, ProRail and NS will start gradually introducing and applying visible corona measures at six stations to monitor their effects. These measures should help travellers to keep 1.5 meteres apart. The message of the public transport sector remains: public transport is not an outing, only travel if there is no other option.

The Corona Rules
From 11 May, you will be able to see on the signs and pictograms at the entrances of all stations what the corona rules are:

  • keep 1.5 metres away
  • keep as much right as possible
  • touch as little as possible
  • keep 4 steps away on escalators
  • use the lift only with a maximum of two people
  • keep five tiles away from the platform

Distance lines, information screens and broadcast messages
ProRail and NS take extra measures at several stations to keep travellers as far away from each other as possible. For example, there will be distance lines at busy stairs, escalators and ticket machines and you will see directions on how to keep 1.5 metres away on busy platforms. The corona rules are on information screens and – if necessary – are also brought to the attention through the broadcast messages.

Extra cleaning
The stations are also cleaned extra with disinfectants. Think of door handles, push buttons and other places that people touch.

Monitor effects at six stations
The step-by-step introduction starts at six stations: Arnhem Central, Amsterdam South, Utrecht Central, Gouda, Culemborg and Groningen North. The effects of the measures are monitored here and then shared with all carriers. The sector then discusses whether and how these can be further implemented in the entire public transport sector. This includes bus stations, metro stations and in subways, trams, buses and trains.

The way in which the measures can be further applied is related to possible future measures by the government for public transport. If necessary, the measures will be adjusted or additional measures will follow.

(Source: ProRail)

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