Tuesday 12 May 2020

Norway: Holmestrand station is nominated for the Nordic Light Prize

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Holmestrand station, which Bane NOR opened for traffic in November 2016, is one of two Norwegian plants that have been nominated for the Nordic Light Prize 2020.

The Nordic Light Prize is held every other year by the five Nordic lighting organisations Danish Center for Light, Suomen Valoteknillinen Seura, Ljostæknifelag Islands, Light Culture and Light Culture. The award focuses on lighting design and lighting installations that highlight the distinctive qualities of Nordic lighting design.

The jury writes this in its rationale for the nomination of Holmestrand station:
“The lighting concept for Holmestrand station highlights and emphasises the project’s unusual architecture and unique design. Material use for the station hall and the tunnels has been continued to the outdoor environment and the use of concrete, corten steel and similar color use is commonplace.

Here you have not been tempted to floodlight, but have illuminated the right parts: There is light where you need a safety zone and there is no doubt where to go. The light is hidden but at the same time it looks bright in the air around and good vertical light makes it easy to see who you meet in the area. The light is integrated in many ways and combines many subjects in a very good execution. The lighting of the space is very nice and the light from the masts does very well against the concrete."

This year’s event will take place on UNESCO’s Day of Light on 16 May 2020, and there are a total of 10 projects from the five Nordic countries competing to win the Nordic Light Prize 2020. The Norwegian contributions are Holmestrand station and the restaurant Under, which won the Norwegian Light Award in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

“This was a pleasant surprise,” said Stine Ilebrekke Undrum, Executive Vice President Development at Bane NOR. The fact that Holmestrand station is still relevant for prices, over three years after it opened for traffic, is a feather in the hat for everyone involved.

“Holmestrand station is special because it is built 150 metres inside the Holmestrand mountain. Therefore, it was important to build a station that appears airy and welcoming to the travellers. Light is an important part of the station design, both exterior and interior. Together with Ramboll, who was a consultant, architect and responsible for lighting design, we put great effort into finding good solutions for lighting the station. Then it is extra nice to be noticed by the professional environment”, said Undrum.

This is the fourth nomination for holmestrand station. So far, Bane NOR has won two awards and received an honorable mention, and now we are waiting in anticipation for the award which will take place on 16 May.

(Source: Bane NOR)

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