Tuesday 26 May 2020

Norway: Work and Covid-19 measures affect the traffic picture in Oslo this summer

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Improvements will be made on Oslo’s public transport system, on the roads around the capital, as well as on the railway during the summer weeks. This, together with corona measures, affects the journey and the overall traffic picture.

When there is maintenance and construction both on the road, tram, subway and rail, traffic is affected. That is why the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Sporveien, Ruter, Bane NOR and the train companies will work closely together to achieve the most possible traffic flow in and around Oslo during the summer.

Increased traffic on the roads
As a result of the travel advice given by the health authorities due to the Covid-19 situation, many people are expected to choose a car rather than a collective, both for work and in connection with the summer holidays. Many people also like to take the car when there is alternative transport over a longer period.

This results in increased traffic on the roads and can create challenges in traffic. This applies especially to the centre of Oslo, the roads around the capital and around the major public transport hubs. Half the capacity in the Vålereng tunnel will make accessibility extra challenging this summer. In addition, alternative transport for trams, subways and trains will mean that there are more buses out in traffic. Therefore, we all recommend not to drive through the centre of Oslo, but rather to use alternative routes during the weeks the work is in progress. We also recommend that those who can, avoid rush hour and choose to travel at other times of the day, have a home office or are considering cycling or going to work.

Maintenance and development of the railway
In the summer, train traffic will be closed, among other things, between Asker and Drammen, and on parts of the Østfold line due to the development of the Follo line and maintenance of the railway infrastructure. This requires a continuous working period of six weeks. The work to the west starts one week before the work to the east.

Alternative transport
Routes, Vy, Go-Ahead and Flytoget offer alternative transport where it is closed for tram, subway and train traffic. Those who are going to travel by public transport this summer must be prepared for the journey to take longer and require more changes along the way than is normal. In addition, departure times on alternative transport may differ from ordinary departure time. In the case of infection prevention measures, these are followed in the same way as in ordinary traffic.

For up-to-date information on your journey and how to get there; see the websites or travel planners of Entur , Routes , View , Go-Ahead and Flight Train. On these pages you will also find more information about the measures to prevent contamination related to public transport and leisure travel.

Here you can read more about the measures to prevent contamination related to public transport!

(Source: Bane NOR)

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