Tuesday 30 June 2020

Germany: From Pull to Push – DB Schenker restarts platform Drive4Schenker

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Digital improvement for better shipments: DB Schenker has revamped its tool Drive4Schenker to enable a more straightforward and pro-active exchange with road haulers. With new options to interact with carriers and receive their offers for load proposals, the innovation is dedicated to continuously improving the cooperation with carrier partners. After successfully piloting the platform in selected branches, the new tool is now rolled out to 250 DB Schenker land transport hubs in Europe.

Christian Drenthen, Board Member for Land Transport at DB Schenker said: “There is a simple rule in logistics: A fully loaded truck increases efficiency and spares resources – with time, social and ecological implications. Nobody wants empty space nor empty kilometers. To address these industry challenges, we have significantly improved our digital platform Drive4Schenker. Carriers will benefit from the new and much easier way to interact with us, while customers will get increased transparency over their shipments. During recent months, everyone involved in our organization really showed the courage to rethink Drive4Schenker entirely.”

Markus Sontheimer, CIO & CDO of DB Schenker said: “Our team from Global Digital Solutions has been following agile principles to develop and test the new Drive4Schenker. I am proud of our joint team and the operational staff in the pilot phase. Now we are scaling up across Europe. With Drive4Schenker we can strengthen the relationship with our carriers – and take an important step in our way to the digital transformation of land transport.”

With the refurbished tool, carriers can fill up their trucks with just a few clicks. After signing up online, they can provide their preferred trade lanes and types of loads. Relevant carriers will receive exclusive load proposals via email.

DB Schenker’s dispatchers and the partnering carrier companies stay in control of their business while the tool facilitates their interaction. Every day, road haulers can have access to around 5,000 DB Schenker loads.

Timo Sender, Product Owner for Global Digital Solutions at DB Schenker said: “The new Drive4Schenker has been developed in-house and is making a shift from Pull to Push: We are now bringing tailored offers directly to the carrier’s inbox. A simple click on a button will take them to our tool without the need to log-in. Also, a notification by email informs them when a hauler has been awarded the trip.”

DB Schenker’s customers also profit from a series of improvements. Thanks to efficient digital interaction, DB Schenker will find the best match for their shipment among almost 50,000 carrier partners. In addition, Drive4Schenker allows dispatchers to easily reach out to their endorsed haulers. Negotiations are brought to one central online platform instead of the necessity for various emails or phone calls.

(Source: DB Schenker)

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