Thursday 16 July 2020

Norway: Big job at Jaren lifts Gjøvikbanen

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Bane NOR has signed a contract with Gjermundshaug Anlegg for the extension of the Jaren station. This is part of a major investment that opens up for hourly departures on the Gjøvik railway.

The contract is a comprehensive contract that includes various station measures and tracks for parking of trains. With a total limit of approximately NOK 300 million, this is the largest single contract to date for Gjermundshaug Anlegg.

The station area will be upgraded with, among other things, new side platforms for tracks 1 and 3, as well as new transition bridges over the tracks. The bridge gets a lift, and all platforms become universally accessible to all user groups.

The provision area at the station will be expanded to accommodate six train sets distributed over three tracks. A new operating and maintenance base with office buildings and sports access for rail-mounted work machines is also included.

  • Bane NOR is an important customer for the Gjermundshaug group, and it means a lot to us that we have now been assigned this job. We will carry out this project in such a way that the final result meets expectations and without any damage, says CEO Ole Gjermundshaug.
  • We look forward to working together on what will be a hectic construction period on the project. The plan is to be completed in the spring of 2022, says project manager Frank Kobbhaug at Bane NOR.

New time for Gjøvikbanen

  • The job we will be doing at Jaren is part of the largest investment on the Gjøvik line since it was electrified in 1963, Kobbhaug points out.

By the end of 2022, Bane NOR will have completed upgrading the track and stations to well over a billion kroner. These measures contribute to the capacity for hourly frequencies for both the regional trains between Gjøvik and Oslo (R30) and the local trains to and from the Jaren (L3).

Freight traffic and local traffic in the southern part of the Gjøvik railway are tight and therefore capacity must be increased along the entire route. In addition to the Jaren, measures are being taken on cruise tracks and several other stations. Read more in this case.

In December 2022, the new digital signal system ERTMS will also be introduced on the Roa – Gjøvik route. This increases the capacity and reliability of the route. Gjøvikbanen is one of the first routes to use the new signal system in Norway.

(Source: Bane NOR)

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The station gets new parking tracks (closest to the station building), a new operating base (opposite side) and a new walkway over the tracks (lower right) © Bane NOR