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Green corridors: the UIC Sustainable Land Use Sector presents the TRISTRAM final report

The report addresses the new era for vegetation control in European railways. Consult the report on the current state of the art to learn more about the future of vegetation control for European railways.

Train World launches its online fanshop on 6 April

Meetings with Stefano Pierini, Chair of Finance Platform

5th UIC ASEAN online meeting held on 25 March with a focus on passenger traffic and railway stations

ERPC relaunches sustainable procurement

Spain: FGC shares its initiatives regarding the European Year of Rail

UIC participates in the Philippine Railway Virtual Summit I held on 19 March in Manila

Reminder: Call for papers

First international workshop on socioeconomic impact of high-speed rail will be held from 14 – 15 September 2021

Talent and Expertise Development Platform: TrainRail hackathon dissemination webinar held on 8 April

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Sqills S3 Passenger: the first inventory management system to implement the online part of the Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) managed by UIC and the FSM initiative

Memorandum of Cooperation between UIC and the EPSF signed on 8 April

UIC to present opportunities and challenges for the Southern and Middle Corridors on 22 April

First training session on rolling stock maintenance organised by UIC Africa, ONCF and SNTF

UIC and UNCRD joint event on sustainable railways in Asia-Pacific held on 17 March

Presentation of the FRMCS project to the participants of RailTech 2021

Hop on the Connecting Europe Express

CER launches the Future is Rail campaign

Ukraine: Ivan Yuryk appointed as Chairman of the management board of JSC Ukrainian Railways

Sector Stakeholder Statement on International Rail Passenger Services

18th UIC Covid-19 Task Force web-conference held on 30 March 2021