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Call for papers

First international workshop on socioeconomic impact of high-speed rail will be held from 14 – 15 September 2021

The sixth UIC Digital Conference was held successfully on 11 December

Two meetings of UIC’s International Rail Research Board (IRRB) last week saw the development of its ambitious global strategy and the launch of a major new initiative to disseminate the latest railway technical innovations

UIC Security Platform: joint virtual meeting of the New Technology and Sabotage, Intrusions & Attacks Working Groups held on 19 November

Security Division

Free Online Course for Rail Users and Professionals

Involvement of PKP SKM in the EU project PREVENT: “PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport”

UIC Railway System & East-West Standardisation: cooperation within the APRA region

Invitation to the CleanER-D Sustainability and Innovation workshop “Towards greener and cleaner rail diesel vehicles”

Seminar “Winter and Railways to be held in Stockholm on 3 May

Rail System Forum Working Session (Paris, 29 June 2010)

CREAM Final Conference to be held in Brussels on 4 November

Customer-driven Rail-freight services on a European mega-corridor based on Advanced business and operating Models

UIC and UNIFE publish the CAB Technical Recommendation (TecRec) on the Driver Machine Interfaces in the scope of TSI High Speed and Conventional Rail

3rd InfraGuidER Workshop:

“Establishing the benefits of EcoProcurement for railway Infrastructure” to be held in Paris on 8 June

Update UIC Leaflet 421 “Rules for the consist and braking of international freight trains “ and the “TrainDy” software system developed to calculate longitudinal dynamic forces for freight trains

ERTMS: UIC ERTMS Training Programme 2010 (23 to 25 June at UIC Headquarters in Paris)

USA: Amtrak launches Wi-Fi Service

Continuation of the standardisation work once the EUDDplus project has come to an end

EUDDplus Final Conference (Paris, 27 January)

Future European driver’s desk: Final Conference (Paris, 27 January)

PTR Strategy Programme 2020 launched