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8 April 2022
UIC Day held in Warsaw on 6 April
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15 December 2021
UIC brings its members together for its 99th General Assembly
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22 November 2021
UIC meeting on challenges facing North American railways
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25 October 2021
UIC meeting on the development of rail transport in Africa
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8 September 2021
Visit of new UIC President Krzysztof Mamiński to UIC headquarters on 3 September
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13 July 2021
UIC brings its members together for its 98th General Assembly
Key issues discussed include Research, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Standardisation, Sustainable Development and Ticketing (OSDM)
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17 December 2020
97th General Assembly held on 16 Décember 2020
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7 July 2020
UIC brought its Members together virtually for its General Assembly
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17 December 2019
Successful statutory meetings held from 9 – 11 December 2019 at UIC Paris
Focus on 2020-2022 strategic roadmap, digital, corridors, sustainability, standardisation, cooperation with third parties
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11 December 2018
93rd UIC General Assembly held on 7 December 2018 in Paris
UIC General Assembly elects Gianluigi Vittorio Castelli as UIC Chairman and confirms FS and TCDD mandate renewals for 2019-2020
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4 September 2018
UIC governance: Gianluigi Castelli, Chairman of Italian Railways FS Group, is new Chairman of UIC