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9 February 2023
Demonstration of the Translate4rail project
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28 September 2022
UIC and ONCF at InnoTrans in Berlin to promote the World Congress on High–Speed Rail to be held in March 2023 in Morocco
(20-23 September 2022)
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22 June 2022
13th World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) held from 6 – 10 June 2022 in Birmingham, UK
“Reshaping our railways post-pandemic: Research with an impact”
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15 December 2021
During the final event of the Translate4Rail (T4R) project, UIC and RNE presented a language tool prototype solution to help overcome language barriers in international train operation
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30 November 2021
Translate4Rail team perform second round of pilot testing in Villach and on Tarvisio – Pontebba
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7 July 2021
Translate4Rail field tested on Villach-Tarvisio-Pontebba route
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21 April 2021
5th TRANSLATE4RAIL project advisory board meeting held on 12 April
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14 January 2021
Video: Translate4Rail Language Tool
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14 October 2020
Driving modal shift and proposing quick wins to implement a “drive-through” philosophy: a priority for the Rail Freight Forward (RFF) coalition
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10 March 2020
UIC and infrastructure manager organisation RailNetEurope work together to remove language barriers in Europe
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10 December 2019
Translate4Rail launched on 2 December 2019 in Paris