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UIC participates in Annual Meeting of the 1st OSJD Commission

Railway System and Standardisation Unit: development of the interface between UIC and OSJD

Norway: Bergen gets Norway’s greenest freight terminal

BIC and DCSA collaborate to standardise container facility identification; BIC releases API to enable universal digital access

UIC took part in the European Silk Road Summit (digital edition) on 10 November 2020

Green Cargo is testing digital automatic coupling for more efficient rail freight in a unique European collaboration

5GRAIL, the FRMCS demonstrator, officially launched

Results from the 2020 Report on Combined Transport discussed at the 63rd session of the Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics

UIC to participate in the 2020 European Silk Road Summit

2020 Report on Combined Transport presented to the press on 28 October

UIC presents projects and initiatives steered by the UIC Freight department at the Rhine-Alpine RFC’s Railway Undertaking Advisory Group meeting

World Customs Organization holds online workshop on rail

Virtual seminar between RAME and UIC Freight to discuss international corridor operations

Driving modal shift and proposing quick wins to implement a “drive-through” philosophy: a priority for the Rail Freight Forward (RFF) coalition

North Sea-Baltic: Latvia and Estonia join Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic

The 2020 Report on Combined Transport will be presented to the press on 28th October in Brussels

Press Conference

Belgium: Lineas investigates rail/truck hub along E17 for ‘Minder Hinder’ around Antwerp

RAME and UIC meet during a virtual seminar to discuss international corridor operations

UIC at Joint UN-OTIF meeting: RID and Transport of Dangerous Goods

First virtual CCTT Business Forum held on 24 September

Sector Statement Group welcomes Berlin Declaration to support international rail freight and presents its progress report