Information published on 25 June 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 352.

Polish “Express InterCity Premium” high speed trainset presented by PKP Intercity and Alstom

  • High-Speed

On 28 May the Polish passenger company PKP Intercity and Alstom presented the new look, colour, and name of high speed trains manufactured in Savigliano, Italy.

“The Express InterCity Premium category is a new quality service on Polish railways. The trains which will be part of this quality will be adapted to the needs and budget of different groups – families with children, business people, cyclists and persons with reduced mobility abilities. Everyone will be able to use it to travel as they like!” said Janusz Malinowski, President of PKP Intercity S.A. during the presentation.

All the latest news and detailed information regarding the vehicles, routes are available on the official website, with everything available in English.

Instytut Kolejnictwa (Polish Railway Institute) will be performing the necessary tests to obtain admittance for operations from the Polish NSA (UTK - The Office of Rail Transportation).

More information regarding the rolling stock and routes is available in English on the official website