Information published on 3 June 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 402.

Terminology Workshop and Training for Iranian Railways

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The Terminology and Training workshop on UIC TermEdit was successfully held at RAI Headquarters on 19 May 2014 at UIC Middle East Regional Office. The workshop which took place at the kind invitation of Iranian Railways (RAI) was attended by translators and interested experts of Iranian Railways, especially the International Affairs Department as well as the Research and Training Department of RAI. The participants obtained theoretic and practical knowledge and skills on how to use the web-based input tool UIC TermEdit. Furthermore, the first RailLexic edition containing Persian was presented at the meeting to Mr Jamali, Deputy Director General of International Affairs at RAI.

The first part of the training workshop consisted in a presentation on the history of the RailLexic terminology project whereas the second part of the training workshop was about the features of the web-based tool for data input. Prior to that, data input had been done via the database from the CD-ROM. During the workshop, participants learned about the display mode, search mode and full text search, about the editing mode for adding and modifying terms, advanced search functionalities like the search for missing translations and how to export the terms from the database into Excel format. Thanks to this web-based tool all the changes can be seen immediately like newly added terms, modifications etc. This tool was specifically designed for the Terminology Group members.

The online version which is aimed at the general public will be available at the end of 2014. The fifth edition of the CD-ROM will be published in 2015 when UIC Terminology Group members have finished the translation of the new terms (around 1000 terms).

Organising the translation of the remaining words to be translated into Persian (about 1000 terms have been added since the last CD-ROM edition), creating a RailLexic translation committee in RAI, putting the UIC Terminology website link ( on the RAME website and proposing to establish a RAME terminology working group for RailLexic were part of the main conclusions and next steps of this workshop. The workshop was followed by meetings with Mr Masouri, General Director of Isfahan Railways and Mr Ansari, General Director of Shiraz Railways. Technical visits of the railway stations and their respective facilities like control centres were part of the programme.

Last but not least it should be mentioned that the UIC Terminology Group currently has around 25 members. Any railway wishing to join the Terminology Group can do so and is most welcome. The task is to translate the existing terminology into their language, with the database currently containing approximately 17,000 terms per language.

UIC would like to thank RAI, especially the International Affairs Department and UIC Middle East Regional Office for their kind cooperation.

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