Change of chairmanship of the East-West Traffic Group of the UIC Commercial and Distribution Forum

This year’s meeting of the EWT Steering Group took place in Kosice, Slovakia, from 30 June to 2 July 2015, at the invitation of ZSSK. Tariff and accounting experts from the following railways attended: ČD (Czech Republic), DB (Germany), MÁV-START (Hungary), ÖBB (Austria), PKP (Poland), RŽD (Russian Federation), UŽ (Ukraine) and ZSSK (Slovakia). The focus of the meeting was on the further development of the tariff documents and the impact of EU passenger rights regulation on the conditions of carriage for East-West traffic.

Up-to-date information on MERITS (timetable data storage), PRIFIS (fare exchange), the EU regulatory framework with regard to telematics applications for passenger services (TAP) and new developments in the East–West tariff complemented the ambitious agenda. In parallel to the works of the tariff experts, the accounting experts treated their special topics in a separate meeting.

Alexander Masalowicz (DB), chairman of the EWT Steering Group, will step down from his international functions by the end of 2015. He has successfully chaired the group for 19 years, and he looks back at times when Eastern and Western railway philosophies were still in the process of growing together. The core of his activities was to harmonise as much as possible the respective tariffs and conditions and to enable a common tariff data exchange via the UIC PRIFIS platform.

The participants elected Jan Vávra (ČD) as successor to Alexander. Jan will take over the chairmanship of the EWT from January 2016.

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United States: Amtrak Guest Rewards program improvements to debut in January 2016

Amtrak passengers will have more options to earn and redeem points under an extensively improved, simplified Amtrak Guest Rewards program that launches in January 2016.

“This program takes Amtrak Guest Rewards to the next level with improved earnings potential and expanded, simplified redemptions," said Matt Hardison, Amtrak’s executive vice president of marketing and sales. “We are confident this program combines what passengers want most – the ability to grow points earnings rapidly with the freedom to use those points in the way that best fits their individual travel needs.”

Improvements in the updated Amtrak Guest Rewards program include:

  • No more blackout dates and Acela® time-of-day travel restrictions;
  • Bonus points for Acela® and Business class travel;
  • Points that never expire with any qualifying account activity within 36 months;
  • A simplified redemption structure for free Amtrak travel based on ticket price instead of zones or routes—as low as 800 points per trip;
  • Redemption opportunities for multi-ride tickets and monthly passes;
  • Ability to book, modify, and cancel reward tickets themselves via Amtrak self-service channels; and
  • A “cash-plus-points” option that provides more flexibility.

Amtrak Guest Rewards has also launched a helpful points estimator tool, which shows customers exactly how many points they will earn for their travel or how many points they will need to redeem for an Amtrak trip.

For more information about the revamped Amtrak Guest Rewards program and to access the points estimator, please visit

(Source: Amtrak)

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News from UIC members

Germany: Markus Sontheimer new CIO of Schenker AG

Supervisory Board appoints IT expert effective 1 January 2016

Markus Sontheimer, 47, is to be the new Chief Information Officer on the Board of Schenker AG in Essen. In this role, he will be responsible as CIO for the business unit DB Schenker Logistics.

Markus Sontheimer was appointed by the Supervisory Board of Schenker AG and will take up his new position on 1 January 2016. He is currently CIO of Group Finance, Deutsche Bank AG.

Markus Sontheimer has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, which was awarded by the Technical University in Esslingen. In 1994, he started his professional career at Daimler AG, where he held various senior positions (both nationally and internationally) in the IT field, including CIO of the Financial Services Division. He joined Deutsche Bank AG in 2010.

Markus Sontheimer takes over the position of CIO of Schenker AG from Peter Schumann, who will leave the company at the end of November 2015.

(Source: DB Schenker)

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News from UIC members

Sweden: Green Cargo starts intermodal shuttle between Skåne and Stockholm Årsta

The first train with trailers and containers ran between Skåne and Stockholm on 1 September. Green Cargo will be running five departures per week and, initially, the train will run between Malmö and Stockholm. From 19 October, Trelleborg will also be linked to this intermodal shuttle.

The train has daily departures from Malmö Sunday through Thursday, from both the harbour and the intermodal terminal in Malmö. Goods receiving and departure times are adapted to the arrival of shipping in the harbour and to trains arriving from the continent. The intermodal train arrives at the Stockholm Årsta intermodal terminal early the following day.

“This is a long-term initiative with solutions tailored to the market for intermodal volumes. This is relevant for both continental and domestic volumes,” says Green Cargo’s Sales Director Richard Kirchner and points out that a need exists for new intermodal routes in the vacuum that arose when a previous train operator closed its intermodal routes in Sweden just over three and a half years ago.

Tremendous numbers of trucks and trailers travel between Skåne and Stockholm, and a substantial portion of these volumes can now use rail for long-distance transportation. The offering has already attracted substantial interest from shipping lines and freight forwarders.

“We have adapted the entire solution to meet market requirements and this means later goods receiving and departure times as well as early arrival times at both ends of the link. The offering is further strengthened by a late last-order time. Customers can book their freight right up until 12 o’clock noon, the same day the freight is leaving,” says Richard Kirchner.

Green Cargo’s Malmö-Stockholm intermodal shuttle serves trains and shipping carrying road freight to and from Germany. When the service links Trelleborg with the route to and from Stockholm, the service will serve even more shipping to and from Germany as well as Poland.

(Source: Green Cargo)

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News from UIC members

Taiwan: TRA actively nurtures electronics talents by enhancing exchanges with leading international organisations

In order to acquire the latest cable and track technologies and increase the international collaboration opportunities, TRA and Japan’s Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the end of this year.

RTRI is a research institute specialised in railway technology research. Its research activities are involved with developing railway technologies, drawing up railway technology standards, or releasing railway-related documents in order to promote the development of forward-looking and innovative technologies for railway industry. From 14 – 16 October 2014, TRA invited the RTRI experts to join an investigation meeting to study the cause of cable incidences. At that time, both parties reached a consensus of periodically conducting mutual visits in terms of issues related to civil and electrical engineering. Meanwhile, both parties agree to license emerging track and cable technologies from international community to enhance TRA’s power supply system and strengthen track structure.

Following the Taiwan visit initiated by the British Minister of State for Transport, Baroness Kramer, TRA has decided to work with the British consultancy group to apply the Whole Life Cycle Costing system to the TRA cable renewal project. Additionally, considering the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE) was established to support talent training and tackle current and future skills needs within the railway engineering industry in the UK, TRA is initially concluding an agreement with certain domestic colleges to strengthen the development of railway technologies and talents.

TRA hopes to enhance the technological exchanges with international leading railway organisations or institutes and learn valuable experience form them. Furthermore, in the near future TRA will designate the staff to international railway organisations to acquire overseas training.

(Source: TRA)

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News from UIC members

Italy: Work has resumed at Naples-Afragola high speed railway station

Work at the new Naples-Afragola high speed railway station resumed on 13 July 2015.

On this day, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Graziano Delrio carried out an inspection on a visit to the Afragola worksite, during which Rete Ferroviaria Italiana CEO Maurizio Gentile and Italferr CEO Matteo Triglia showed him the current state of progress.

Campania Regional Authority President Vincenzo De Luca, Mayor of Afragola Domenico Tuccillo and Gruppo Astaldi President Paolo Astaldi also attended.

The first stage of the work will be completed by the first quarter of 2017, when this new Naples-Afragola high speed railway station can be used by passengers.

Work to ensure that commercial services run smoothly will commence in stages over the following years.

Worksite activities were resumed by “Associazione Temporanea di Imprese (ATI – Temporary Association of Businesses) Astaldi-NBI in March 2015.

The new Naples Afragola high speed railway station is located just a few kilometres north of Naples and will become a modal interchange with the HS/HC Rome-Naples-Salerno line and the High Capacity Naples-Benevento-Bari line via the Naples-Cancello variant. Furthermore, this station is an intermediate stop on the HS/HC Rome-Naples-Salerno line, thereby directly serving the extensive and highly-populated Naples, Caserta and Nola hinterland.

The main station building – a majestic bridge-shaped structure 400 metres long covering over 30,000 square metres – will cross over the tracks to connect the areas through which the railway line passes, thereby ensuring continuity for the landscape and road system. Huge windows make up the main building, with sinuous shapes abstractly recalling the image of a modern train in motion.

There will also be green areas, car parks (around 1,400 spaces) and a terminal for tourist and regional buses (located in the outdoor area covering around 150,000 square metres), all of which are linked to local main roads.

This new high speed railway station was designed by architect Zaha Hadid, winner of the international competition run by Ferrovie dello Stato.

(Source: FS)

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News from UIC members

Hungary: New CEO at MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Company

Mr András Csépke has been appointed to the position of CEO of MÁV-START Co. as of 1 August 2015.

Mr Csépke has a degree in mechanical engineering, transport management and economic engineering. He has worked at the railway company since 1990 and started his career at the Traction Centre in Záhony, Hungary, where he rose through the professional ranks and completed his duties as Workshop Leader. Mr Csépke continued his work as the Head of the Regional Vehicle Maintenance Centre from 2005 in Debrecen, Hungary.

From 2008 Mr Csépke held the position of Head of the Vehicle Maintenance before becoming Deputy CEO, Technical Affairs and – as of 1 December 2011 – CEO of MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Co.

Mr Csépke was appointed Director of Operations on 1 December 2012 and Deputy CEO, Operations on 1 January 2015 at the integrated MÁV-START Co. He received the Silver Award for Railway Service in recognition of his work in 2011.

UIC expresses its warmest congratulations to Mr András Csépke on his appointment and conveys its very best wishes.

(Source: MÁV-START Co)

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Interaction with OSJD Members on working programme and further steps for UIC-OSJD Joint Group on IRS

A UIC delegation attended the meeting of the 5th OSJD Commission for Infrastructure and Rolling Stock on the topic “CCS and communication networks” held from 25 – 27 August 2015 in Warsaw.
Delegations of railways from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine took part in the meeting.

Mr Dmitry Shaliagin, RZD representative, presented a draft of Leaflet R 820 on “Operational technical requirements for systems of automatic despatching control” which is being developed. The meeting discussed the remarks and proposals provided by Belarusian and Kazakhstan railways and agreed upon the 5th edition of Leaflet R 820 as the one of voluntary applications and suggested to approve it during the meeting of the 5th OSJD Commission from 27 – 30 October 2015 while cancelling the 4th edition of Leaflet R 820 on “Operational technical requirements for systems of centralised dispatching control” (valid since 28 October 2011) and the second edition of Leaflet R 846 on “Recommendations for progressive technologies on maintenance of installations of centralised dispatching control” (valid since 10 November 2005).

Mr Igor Kraskovkyj, BC representative, presented a draft of the Leaflet on “Operational technical requirements for protection of installations of railway automatics and telemechanics from commutation and atmospheric overvoltage according to its electromagnetic compatibility”. The meeting discussed remarks and proposals provided by Kazakhstan and Polish railways and agreed upon the first edition of that Leaflet which is going to be issued with the number R 851. The meeting suggested approving Leaflet R 851 as the one of voluntary applications during the 5th OSJD Commission meeting from 27 – 30 October 2015. Herewith it is suggested to cancel leaflets: R 850 “Operational technical requirements for protection of installations of railway automatics from commutation and atmospheric overvoltage” (first edition valid since 10 November 2005); R 809 “Electromagnetic compatibility of CCS microelectronic installations” (first edition valid since 16 November 2001); R 812 “Emission of oscillation of voltage harmonic components and flicker-effect in the CCS installations” (first edition valid since 30 October 2003). As far as UIC Leaflet 750 on “Railway telecommunications links – improvements to be expected from the use of telecommunications for operating purposes” (third edition valid since February 2006) does not contain requirements to be addressed to issues within leaflets R 850, R 809, R 812, therefore it did not take into account during the development of the first edition of Leaflet R 851.

Mr Syrym Tusupov, representing AO “NK “KTZ”, presented a draft of the Leaflet on “Operational technical requirements for rail track circuits to be applied in train traffic control and safety installations”, by issuing it with number R 816. The meeting discussed the remarks and proposals provided by BC, LG and RZD railways and agreed upon the first edition of Leaflet R 816 and suggested that it be approved during the 5th OSJD Commission meeting from 27 – 30 October 2015. Given that the Leaflet was developed on the basis of currently valid OSJD leaflets R 810 “Operational technical requirements for rail track circuits of sonic frequency” (first edition valid since 30 October 2003) and R 848 “Recommendations on passing of traction current on railway tracks equipped with track circuits and protection of CCS installations from impact of electric-traction net-ware of electrified railways” (second edition valid since 7 November 2000), experts suggested to the 5th OSJD Commission that the leaflets be cancelled.

The meeting discussed and approved the draft of the Experts Working Plan on the topic N-3 “CCS and communications networks” for 2016.

The participants accepted an invitation from Mr Marc Antoni, UIC Rail System Department (RSD) director, and put in the preliminary plan the meeting of OSJD experts on topic N-3 “CCS and communications networks” to be held from 21 – 23 June 2016 within the framework of the UIC experts meeting on “CCS and communication” at UIC Headquarters (Paris, France) together with technical visits to SNCF railway infrastructure.

UIC and OSJD agreed on OSJD leaflets, which are going to be approved in 2015, to be provided to UIC for further reviewing and analysing, to be potentially developed into IRS.

Mr Marc Antoni gave a presentation on UIC RSD activity within the domain of railway automatics, telemechanics and communications and invited OSJD experts to take part in UIC activities on railway automatics and telemechanics. Mr Marc Antoni informed and invited participants to the UIC Conference on Asset Management to be held from 12 – 13 October 2015 in Paris.

Mr Radovan Vopalecky, the Chairman of the 5th OSJD Commission, presented the OSJD website and its internal and external resources to be accessed after registration. Mr Radovan Vopalecky thanked Mr Bachtijar Safarov, 5th OSJD Commission specialist, for the excellent organisation and management of the meeting.

For further information please contact Marc Antoni:

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News from UIC members

Jordan: Eng. Yaser Krishan appointed new Director General of Aqaba Railway Corporation (ARC)

Eng. Yaser Krishan, previously Rolling Stock Manager, was appointed in August Director General of Aqaba Railway Corporation (ARC), the Jordanian railway company in charge of freight transport (essentially transport of phosphate to the port of Aqaba on the Red Sea).

He succeeds Eng. Hussein Krishan who had been leading Aqaba Railway Corporation for the last eight years and was also Vice-Chairman of the UIC Regional Assembly for the Middle-East (UIC RAME). In May, Eng. Hussein Krishan was appointed CEO of the Ma’an Development Company by the Government of Jordan.

Eng. Yaser Krishan, born in 1965, has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Volgograd, Russia), CE in Mechanical Engineering/Transportation.
He is President of the Jordan Engineers Association, Ma’an Branch.
Eng. Yaser Krishan has held a number responsibilities within Aqaba Railway Corporation – as Workshop Engineer (1991 – 1994), Wagon Section Engineer (1995-1999), Workshop Manager (2000 – 2009), Acting Planning Manager (2005 – 2010) and finally Rolling Stock Manager. He was appointed Director General of Aqaba Railway Corporation in August.

UIC expresses its warmest congratulations to Eng. Yaser Krishan on his appointment and its most sincere wishes of success in his new responsibilities at the head of Aqaba Railway Corporation in a period marked by extremely ambitious railway projects for the Kingdom of Jordan.

(Source: Aqaba Railway Corporation)

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“Train to Paris” video campaign

A new step forward for the campaign!

The “Train to Paris” coordination team is happy to announce the launch of the video promoting the campaign!

This short video using flat design presents in a colourful and fun way how railways can be considered as one of the backbones to fight climate change. Developed in the frame of COP21, the video also displays the commitments of UIC and its members in favour of a more sustainable future as the Climate Summit is now getting closer!
Enjoy viewing this video!
For more information on this campaign or if you would like to publish information about the campaign internally or externally in dedicated newsletters, board magazines, etc. please contact Marie-Luz Philippe, Event Coordinator:

Follow us:

Train to Paris website:
Twitter: @trainCOP21
Instagram: @traintocop21
Facebook: Train to Paris

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New UIC website

The UIC website is evolving to further support the organisation’s position as the worldwide association of cooperation for railway companies. The site is open both to UIC members and the overall international railway community, and is in a process of perpetual development.

In this context, UIC is pleased to announce the launch of its new website (, offering visitors easy access to the latest features.

Among them:

  • Responsive Design (better browsing experience, also on tablets and smartphones)
  • Menu more suited to the presentation of UIC activities thanks to a simplified architecture
  • Work to ensure consistency with other communication media: UIC reference document, Activity report
  • New pages for UIC Regions
  • Improvement of tools for UIC members: New vademecum, new list of projects
  • Greater visibility of UIC eNews, events

With 100,000 visits per month the UIC website is still the most visited site dedicated to railway cooperation. Thank you!

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22,000 migrants carried in over 100 trains

Deutsche Bahn backs authorities by operating special trains and deploying extra staff

Over the last few days, Deutsche Bahn has made every effort to ensure that migrants have been transported in complete safety to reception centres established across the German territory. Thanks to DB’s efforts, over 22,000 refugees have been able to cross the German border in over 100 trains to reach their destination.

Deutsche Bahn CEO and Chairman Rüdiger Grube, said: “It is clear that DB should make every effort to help these men and women who are in urgent need. Traffic control staff in the reception centres and ICE workshops have been working under pressure to add extra trains and incorporate them into the timetable. I would particularly like to thank all staff at DB as well as the large number of volunteers in all stations across Germany.” He added “At DB there are already staff from over 100 countries working together, fostering everyday integration.”

DB has continued regular journeys in ICE or InterCity trains as well as a number of special trains serving Munich, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Saalfeld, Eisenhüttenstadt and a number of other German cities.

Hundreds of DB staff, various authorities and numerous volunteers were on hand in the stations to welcome the refugees.

(Source: DB)

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Train to Paris: Invitation to sign the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge

On 27 August the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge was sent out to CEOs, Presidents, Directors-General of all members of UIC. The handing over of the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge to high-level representatives of the United Nations and Government delegations at the “Train to Paris” high level event at UIC will represent a key component of the rail sector’s contribution to the COP21 Lima Paris Action Agenda.

We invite the CEOs of all UIC members to sign the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge.

Please return the electronically signed forms at your earliest convenience to

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News from UIC members

Croatia: High Level Regional Freight Meeting of national railway freight operators was held on 4 September in Zagreb, organised by HŽ Cargo

In addition to HŽ Cargo’s Management, the meeting was attended by Mr Igor Cigula, Assistant Minister from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Ms Renata Suša, President of HŽ Infrastruktura’s Management Board, and presidents and managers of the following regional railway undertakings: SŽ Tovorni prevoz, Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine, Željeznice Republike Srpske, Montecargo, Makedonski železnički transport and Trainkos.
Mr Igor Cigula, Assistant Minister, talked about the market liberalisation and its impact on freight transport services, and pointed out that the meeting was an opportunity to resolve open issues.

Mr Danijel Krakić, President of HŽ Cargo’s Management Board, considers that there is a need for such a meeting and that this is one of the initial gatherings in a series to come. He indicated that a common goal of the regional national railway operators is to retain the leading position on their own domestic transport market and to provide customers with quality services. In addition, he takes it that we can alleviate administrative, technical, technological and infrastructure obstacles by common action, in order to increase efficiency, profitability and competitiveness on the market.

Ms Renata Suša, President of HŽ Infrastruktura’s Management Board, presented the investments in Croatian railroads, totalling around two billion Euro, currently the largest capital investment in infrastructure in Europe.

The national railway operators have come to a conclusion that further development of prosperous railway operators will partly depend on good multilateral and regional cooperation. Furthermore, the transport corridors passing through the countries in the region are demonstrating the potential of this European area as an integration system, acknowledging that they are inseparable from the rest of the European transport network.

At the meeting, the participants signed the Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation. The Memorandum has established a framework for enhanced cooperation among the national freight operators. This cooperation involves providing mutual support in implementation of organisational, technical and operational modifications, making available own experience, exchanging professional know-how, information and ideas.

(Source: HŽ Cargo)

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Energy Efficiencies and Carbon Strategies at the railway fair EXPO 2015

The 5th International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520 was held from 2 – 5 September at the Experimental Ring of JSC Russian Railway Research Institute (VNIIZhT) in Shcherbinka, Moscow.

EXPO 1520 is a biennial show featuring an exhibition and a bespoke conference which explores all major aspects of rolling stock manufacturing and operation. The railway fair features the latest developments in railway equipment, technology, infrastructure, services and logistics. EXPO 1520 brings together all major stakeholders namely manufacturers, users, suppliers and regulating bodies. It is the only international rolling stock exhibition in the 1520 gauge wide track space.

The highest standards of organisation, the active participation of international companies, and the event’s dimension and a unique position in the 1520 space all ensured that the railway fair was attended by senior level government officials, heads of relevant ministries and executives of leading European companies as honorary guests and delegates.

The exhibition showcased the all-new rolling stock and railway equipment produced in Russia, CIS and EU. Live presentations of locomotives and railway cars make EXPO 1520 a unique place enabling manufacturers to spotlight their rolling stock in front of the users, experts and media. There was also the Dynamic Exposition parade of railway equipment. The 3000-plus visitors were able to see more than 20 full-scale models of rail stock equipment in action.

One of the most relevant train models presented in the parade was the compressed natural gas locomotive GT1h-002. This locomotive has no analogues in the world running on compressed natural gas, a fuel that meets the highest world environmental standards. The GT1h-002 not only makes for improved traction, but also reduced consumption of power and diesel fuel and lower levels of harmful emissions.

In this context, on 3 September, Gabriel Castañares Hernández, UIC Senior Advisor in Energy and CO2, presented the experience of the energy data collection and sustainability reporting at UIC during the round table organised by RZD: “Environment Protection, Power Efficiency and Energy”. The round table, moderated by Boris Ivanov, first Deputy Head of the Department of Technical Policy of RZD, included the presentations of 10 participants from different fields connected to environment and sustainability in rail.

During this round table, UIC highlighted the relevancy of the Environmental Strategy Reporting System, introducing the latest performance of RZD and the European rail sector, presenting the strategy and targets for middle and long term, and the next “Train To Paris” campaign to show our main stakeholders the advantages of railways in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability and the low carbon advantages of modal shift to rail.

For further information please contact Gabriel Castañares Hernández

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Workshop on Energy Recovery to be held on 29 September 2015 in Madrid

The UIC workshop dedicated to Energy Recovery will be held on 29 September at the Spanish Railways Foundation Headquarters in Madrid. This workshop will be an excellent opportunity for managers, advisors and professional specialists to exchange experiences on best practices of the main interfaces and progress on energy recovery in the railways, as well as the future and potential of energy recovery savings, and to learn alongside experienced operators and infrastructure managers.

Experts in technology, research and data collection on energy recovery from around the railway world will have the special chance to meet and exchange on best practices on all aspects of this topic during the technical dedicated session, including a technical visit to dedicated facilities.

Technical presentations on the performance and management of the energy recovery (legal and standard frame, infrastructure, rolling stock, driving, etc.) will be presented and will be followed by fruitful discussions that will allow for benchmarking as well as sharing best practices.

To secure your participation, please register at the following link:

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid on 29 September 2015.

For further information please contact Gabriel Castañares Hernández:

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