General context of the business activity

Railway companies are continually confronted with important challenges (e.g. market chan­ges, technological innovations, legal issues, etc.) that can also affect the competencies and skills of railway personnel.

Human Resources directors and training providers have the arduous task of providing services that enable railway companies to keep up-to-date with these challenges by meeting the current and future training needs of all railway employees, thus making the railways a more competitive and innovative sector.

The core objective of the Expertise Development Platform, coordinated by the UIC Expertise Development Unit, is to enhance the effective operation of the different regional railway training markets, hence enhancing workforce development through sharing best practice in rail training across the entire industry.

The Expertise Development Unit also participates in developing the skills of railway employees in the shape of international/regional training sessions.

Key challenges facing this business

The economic downturn is forcing organisations to rethink their learning & development strategy.

Introduction of new technologies impacts the competences of railway staff, hence the training programmes

Ageing workforce, attract young people

Achievements to be highlighted

  • Founding of regional networks of training centres in Europe, Asia, Middle East
  • UIC World Congresses on Rail Training
  • Hundreds of rail employees, students in rail universities and other stakeholders (UNIFE members...) have gone through UIC training sessions. The training sessions are either organised at UIC HQ (international) or at regional level.

Key words external communication

  • What does a good railway trainer look like?
  • Case studies of good customer service training
  • Benchmarking training practices
  • Improving the quality & efficiency of training
  • Enhance safety by guaranteeing skills
  • Introducing new technologies

Reference to how the business is organised

The work is governed by the Expertise Development Platform, an open meeting for members which takes place twice a year, each time in a different training facility. There is also a Core Group to provide strategic direction, and working groups on topical issues (in 2012-2013 these are: rail trainers’ development, benchmark train drivers’ training programmes, customer service training).

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