RIC was an agreement on the exchange and use of coaches in international traffic since 1922.
In 2014 it was moved into a multilateral contract between signatories. RIC was adapted to the current situation in Europe, containing the amended structure, operation and responsibilities of different involved parties.
It is applied between RUs and keepers for the reciprocal use of coaches used in international passenger traffic. Given the nature of passenger transport services, those offering international transport depend on cooperation between successive RU carriers, in particular for the coaches used for passenger transport.
Since its creation these rules contain many significant and necessary amendments for the constant evolution of railways field.
RIC is administered by a Special Group and its Bureau which is part of UIC.

RIC agreements

The French, German and English versions are provided by UIC. In the event of differences in interpretation, the French version of the RIC Agreement is authentic.

  1. http://uic.org/IMG/pdf/agreement_ric_01012016_fr.pdf
  2. http://uic.org/IMG/pdf/agreement_ric_01012016_de.pdf
  3. http://uic.org/IMG/pdf/agreement_ric_01012016_en.pdf

Company versions

The translations into other national languages is published on the UIC website but UIC bears no liability for them, all liability being borne by the authors.

RICSInitialsCompany NameCompany versions
00 83TIFerrovie dello Stato Italiane – Trenitalia S.p.A.


41 signatories are RIC partners in 2016:


Mr. Jozef FAZIK Senior Advisor, Head of Bureau (RIC)

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