Monday 10 May 2021

Artificial intelligence, case of the railway sector: state of play and perspectives published by UIC

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UIC has released a new publication on artificial intelligence.

The document describes the state of play and perspectives for the implementation of AI in the European railway sector by explaining artificial intelligence with a focus on machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics.

It also examines the context of European policy in the railway sector as it relates to AI (sustainable and smart mobility strategy, strategy on AI and data), and the cost leadership strategy employed by railway companies in the face of increasing competition.

The document describes how AI technologies are currently deployed in the railway sector and how they should be implemented in the future. For example, it describes the possibilities offered by AI with regard to face recognition, chatbots and virtual assistants for passengers, sales prediction through machine learning, robotics in railway stations, trains and warehouses, and predictive maintenance for rolling stock and infrastructure. It highlights key success factors and UIC’s role in successful AI implementation in the railway sector.

The author, Christian Chavanel, UIC Rail System Department Director, said: “Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for railways. UIC is ready to support its members in this large-scale transformation.”

The document is available at:

Artificial intelligence - Case of the railway sector - State of play and perspectives

For further information, please contact Christian Chavanel at

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