Tuesday 17 May 2022

Capacity for the Green Deal ambition via a system approach

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The Rail Freight Forward (RFF) coalition has named 2022 the Year of Infrastructure Managers! In this context, the RFF seeks to enhance RU-IM cooperation by developing a joint ambition and boosting a favourable environment for the sector’s growth.

As a first step, an RFF Sherpa workshop took place last Monday 9 May at UIC with the aim of outlining a target framework and defining priorities. This first iteration was presented to the RFF core CEOs, who approved the proposed framework and engaged in a lively discussion on the importance of international coordination in general, including on infrastructure construction works, to deliver the capacity needed for modal shift to rail. The RFF target framework will continue to be developed with the IM coalition with the aim of jointly contributing to the implementation of a Single European Rail Area.

Stay tuned for more updates on the RFF Year of Infrastructure Managers.

For further information, please contact Martin Polák, RFF PMO at polak@uic.org

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