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Creative experiences at #InTransito – “Travel in Italy and Europe in a sustainable, creative and inclusive way”

Second edition held in Rome Tiburtina railway station from 6 to 12 December 2021

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UIC is a partner of #InTransito, a cultural event organised within the framework of the 2021 European Year of Rail (EYR2021).

The guiding theme for the second edition of the event, held in December 2021, was “Travel in Italy and Europe in a sustainable, creative and inclusive way”. The event was produced by Music Theater International, a non-profit cultural association, in collaboration with Grandi Stazioni Retail and with the support of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group.

#InTransito has been part of the official EYR2021 programme since its first edition and featured a space dedicated to the story of the European Year of Railways and the Connecting Europe Express, the train that crossed Europe between 2 September and 7 October 2021, starting in Lisbon and ending its journey in Paris, passing through Rome, and featuring images and stories from contemporary travellers and influencers across Europe. The public was very interested in the data made available by UIC, with the various tables selected and printed by the High-Speed Rail Atlas 2021.

The activities took place in a space of 300 square metres made available by Grandi Stazioni Retail in the shopping arcade on the second floor of Tiburtina railway station.

The geographical focus of this second edition of the event was on Italy and Europe, but the audience was also led through other dimensions of the journey, understood as an inner human journey: a creative and regenerating experience for the mind and body, our interpersonal skills, and our sensitivity and emotions.

The time capsule – “The circular journey of life” by Sergio Gotti
The “time capsule” was created by the expert hands of the internationally renowned artist Sergio Gotti, who created an original installation in the form of a walkable cardboard tunnel, about 6 m long, accessed through a gate to start an ideal “journey”. The internal layout included an interactive component, with two videos and one audio contribution by the young video-maker Linda Bagalini.

Wandering excursions
The shopping arcade and the other areas of Tiburtina rail station were enlivened at various times by the “wandering” excursions of five characters in costume: Dante Alighieri, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the American journalist Nellie Bly, the Magical Traveller and Charlot.

Workshops for children
Following the success of the first edition, the workshops for children aged between six and 12 – led by Aziza Essalek and Gherardo Dino Ruggiero – were divided into four meetings in which the children learned about Italy and Europe in a creative and intuitive way. One of the meetings included a great “game of the goose” to raise awareness of the main European cities, and a treasure hunt took place on Sunday 12 December with support from families and various retail outlets in the shopping arcade.

The “7 Journeys into Creativity” film club
A small cinema discussion group was held each day in the #InTransito space to watch the videos from the “7 Journeys into Creativity – Inconsupertrafra”, a project promoted by the Municipality of Rome – Councillorship and Department of Educational and School Policies, ETI and Palaexpo, for the artistic direction of Maddalena Fallucchi.

Interactive social wall
In the #InTransito space, the public was able to interact with a digital map of Europe on a large touch screen. The social wall played the video contributions of sustainable travellers who had responded to the call launched by the organisers to participate in #InTransito as special correspondents, sharing travel stories and experiences, particularly about what travelling in a sustainable and ethical way means today.

ContestEco’s works
By virtue of the twinning with the “Make the Difference, there is ... the Sustainability Festival” event – a winning project of the Rome Summer Public Notice 2020-2021-2022 – the second edition of #InTransito hosted the winning artwork from ContestEco, an art and sustainable design competition that involved artists and art lovers from all over Italy.

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