Tuesday 11 January 2022

“Delivering Multimodal Door-to-Door Travel Services”: executive report published on UIC website

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UIC has published an executive report on the delivery of multimodal door-to-door travel services developed by the D2D project.

D2D is an ongoing UIC Passenger Services Group (PSG) project. It aims to provide resources for rail operators and other stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem to facilitate the creation and delivery of door-to-door services. A description of the project and a downloadable version of the report can be found here.

The report explores the topic of multimodal services and door-to-door mobility, examining emerging innovations and how they can transform the current context. It begins with an overview of the development of multimodal door-to-door mobility and the impact of digital technologies, which offer many opportunities but also present a number of obstacles to be overcome.

The report provides a summary of emerging mobility paradigms, notably Mobility as a Service and demand-responsive transport, examining their main aspects and features as well as benefits and challenges. MaaS is emerging as an approach that offers multimodal mobility, enabling a seamless customer experience and covering the first mile and last mile of each journey. DRT, on the other hand, is a flexible mode of transport that allows public transport schedules and itineraries to be adjusted based on real-time demand.

The report also provides an analysis of the current context, explaining the key drivers of the unprecedented transformation taking place in mobility, powered by digital technologies. A number of key trends are described, such as digitisation and the account-based model, amongst others. The key role of rail operators in making door-to-door travel services a reality is explained, and the opportunities to be grasped and challenges to be faced are addressed. Finally, the report explains how the D2D project can help the efforts of the rail industry, offering an overview of the UIC resources that can be leveraged.

In short, “Delivering Multimodal Door-to-Door Travel Services” can help rail professionals find their way in the complex world of multimodality and provides guidance on the way forward.

For further information, please contact David Sarfatti, Senior Advisor, Passenger Department at: sarfatti@uic.org

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