Wednesday 29 March 2023

European Management Committee meets on 23 March 2023 in Budapest and online

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The European Management Committee (EMC) met on 23 March 2023 in hybrid format, with participants present in both Budapest (Hungary) and online. CEOs and senior representatives of UIC member railways and partner organisations across Europe (ADIF, Bane Nor, CP, CFR, DB, FS Italiane, LDz, Lineas, MAV, Network Rail, ÖBB, PKP, ProRail, SNCF, SNCB, Trafikverket, CER, EIM as well as UIC HQ) contributed to a very engaging meeting.

UIC Director General François Davenne gave a brief welcome and introduction, saying that this meeting was a turning point for the EMC, with the retirements of both the Chair and the Coordinator. This led to Martin Frobisher, current vice chair, to take over as Chair until the end of the year. The meeting also welcomed Mr Rinalds Pļavnieks who succeeds Mr Kleinbergs as Chairman of the Board of LDz from 9 February 2023.

The meeting proposed a zoom on selected topics of the work programme.

Jean-Michel Evanghelou, UIC Director Telecom, Signalling and Digital Applications, and Director Financial Controlling and Project Operations, gave an update on the UIC expertise provided to ERJU’s (Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking), work programme and provided an update on the deliverables of the FRMCS project.

On the subject of Combined Transport, UIC Rail System Director Christian Chavanel informed the meeting about the positive exchanges with ERA regarding the referencing of UIC assets on codification. These assets which address the codification of line units and wagons are essential for the efficiency and safety of the rail transport offer.

Regarding Sustainability, Joo Hyun Ha, UIC Senior Sustainability Advisor, on behalf of Lucie Anderton, Head of Sustainable Development, gave a return on experience of COP27, held last November in Egypt, and the preparation for COP28 planned later this year in Dubai. COP27 was an excellent opportunity for UIC to come into contact with over 40 organisations and exchange with other areas beyond the rail community, thus helping to elevate the role of railways in the transport community as a solution for sustainable mobility in the future.

For COP28 in Dubai, EMC members are invited to support the More Trains campaign and share case studies and best practice in climate/sustainability finance innovation.

Martin Frobisher gave a Network Rail presentation on Alternative means of traction energy. By tackling the challenge of traction beyond electrification, UIC through the various work packages is focusing on solutions available to the market, risks linked to the solutions and impacts on operations. These include catenary electrification, as well as battery, hydrogen and other technologies.

In the area of freight, Sandra Géhénot gave an update on DP-Rail, the “Digital Platform for Rail Freight” project that aims to achieve seamless, interoperable data exchange for core rail freight operations through a trusted digital ecosystem. for which an application for CEF funding was filed.

Under Projects and Financials, Aline Wego, Head of Controlling, provided status reporting on the 2023 opt-in process and next steps, in line with the UIC 2023 – 2025 Work Programme. She gave the meeting an update on the main outcomes of the opt-in process for 2023 versus 2022 by topic area, as well as the current status of projects for 2023.

Regarding Aid to Ukraine, Martin Frobisher gave a presentation on his recent trip to the country. He offered to those interested to join a task force, to be led by UIC, that would coordinate the support of required material. The aim is to avoid overlapping action and to exchange best practices on a number of issues.

Under additional meeting items, Oana Vlasceanu, UIC Head of Quality Management, gave a status update the extension to the Region of the survey initiated by PKP in preparation for the UIC HLEM.

In conclusion, Martin Frobisher thanked the audience, both online and in the room, for their participation, and reminded them of the forthcoming events.

The next meeting of the EMC is planned to be held on 5 July 2023 in Paris and will be followed by the 36th Regional Assembly Europe.

For further information about the EMC please contact Sandra Géhénot, Freight Director, Coordinator for Europe:

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