Tuesday 7 December 2021

First ATTI Morning session (Agreement on freight Train Transfer Inspection) held on 26 November

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The ATTI Morning session was opened by the Chair of the ATTI Group, Stefan Zebracki from DB Cargo, and brought together more than 70 participants online.

Stefan Zebracki gave a welcoming speech and presented the different organisers and speakers present online who formed part of the ATTI-ExCo and participated in the organisation of this morning session: Dirk Euler (DB Cargo), Lothar Vietze (CD Cargo), Thomas Dangl (RCA), Jean-Marc Blondé (SBB Cargo), Paulo de Freitas and Beatrix Perrot from UIC. Geanina Boll (BLS) and Alain Voltz (SNCF) from the ExCo also contributed to the preparation of this event. Stefan Zebracki highlighted the work involved in developing the ATTI. Currently, there are 160 participating ATTI RUs. Stefan Zebracki underlined the objectives of this session, as the group wanted to find out how to communicate the content of the ATTI and explain its fundamentals.

Topics focused on:

  • Fundamentals of ATTI: locating the ATTI agreement and other documents on the Extranet; action required when an irregularity is detected (selection of relevant photos to identify errors to prevent their re-occurrence)
  • ATTI QMS (Quality Management System): quality inspection, purpose of the ATTI QMS data base, entering planning data, importance of reporting, responsibility of the ATTI RU
  • ATTI QMS database: access to the database, locating a user guide, etc.
  • Working with the ATTI QMS database: basic structure of the database, documenting results, reporting irregularities, need for a clear quality description

Then Dirk Euler gave a concrete example showing how the system works with regard to the database, the number of wagons, the checked wagons, and the planning data.

In his concluding words, Stefan Zebracki emphasized the fundamentals of ATTI, the database and its application. He said that the QMS database is important for an exchange on quality and for applying the relevant contact data. The next step he described was the first planning data entry in January 2022.

The participants were given the opportunity to express their opinion in live feedback on the subjects dealt with, and showed considerable interest in the QMS ATTI and the QMS database.

Martin Polak from the UIC freight department provided information on follow-up training sessions for specific freight competences scheduled for the beginning of next year.

For further information, please send an email to atti@uic.org

or contact Paulo de Freitas, UIC Senior Freight Advisor, at freitas@uic.org

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