Thursday 23 March 2023

FTIA welcomes the UIC Global Level Crossing Network to Helsinki

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The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) welcomed the UIC Global Level Crossing Network (GLCN) to Helsinki on 16-17 March 2023, which comprised of a technical visit and a hybrid meeting. Allan Spence, GLCN Chair, opened the meeting, welcoming all of the members, including new participants from DB, Germany, and SBB/CFF from Switzerland, and thanking the hosts for the previous day’s interesting and informative technical visit. The visit was first held at a rail training centre in Kouvola and then followed with an inspection of some level crossings in the Lahti-Heinola region and the newest equipment installed there.

The meeting included the following points:

  • Kaisa-Elina Porras, FTIA, Finland, shared detailed information on level crossing safety policies in Finland.
  • Helena Radbo, Trafikverket, Sweden, discussed “The Swedish way of thinking regarding level crossing safety, compared to risk assessment best practices”, based on the 7 principles from the recently published guidance on best practices for level crossing risk assessments, which can be found at
  • Keith Pollock, Translink, Northern Ireland (NI), gave a presentation on how Translink engages with the agricultural community in Northern Ireland, carrying out education and awareness activities (at agricultural trade shows and schools) but also implementing enforcement measures.
  • Claudia Hadwiger, ÖBB Infra, Austria, shared Austrian level crossing data showing accidents at level crossings, level crossing regulations, technical measures, red light enforcement cameras and awareness-raising measures. She also highlighted ÖBB INFRA’s participation in ILCAD each year, and their national awareness campaign “Take care of yourself” which can be found at
  • Tamo Vahemets, CEO Operation Lifesaver, Estonia, gave an update on level crossing data, and the safety awareness and educational activities in schools regarding level crossing risks on and around tracks. He mentioned their various national campaigns for cyclists, such as “Get off you bike”, “Let the train pass” and another called “Spot the train”, as well as the Christmas campaign “You need to be home for Christmas”, and finishing on a 360° rail safety virtual tour

Łukasz Sawicki, PR & Marketing Coordinator for Katarzyna Kucharek, GLCN Vice Chair and President of the Board of the PKP Group Foundation, then invited the members to the ILCAD /TRESPAD events, which will be hosted by the PKP Group Foundation in Warsaw, Poland, with Isabelle Fonverne informing the members about the ILCAD 2023 campaign.

The public targeted in 2023 will be “Agricultural and industrial crossing users” and the slogan will be “Tracks are for Trains”. Communication supports (a video and posters) will be shared as usual with ILCAD participating countries, and will be available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish, with other languages upon request.
More information can be found at and registration for the conference is open at and closes on 28 April 2023.

Save the date

  • 14 June 2023: Conference on Trespass and Suicide Prevention in Warsaw, Poland
  • 15 June 2023: ILCAD 2023 campaign + launch conference in Warsaw, Poland
  • 16 June 2023: Technical/social visit in Warsaw, Poland

Call for Papers

To register to Warsaw events:

For more information, please contact Isabelle Fonverne at

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