Tuesday 16 November 2021

G-Code project kick-off meeting held on 10 November

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The kick-off meeting for the UIC G-Code: Clearance gauge common codification project took place online via Teams on 10 November, with nine participants from RFI, MÁV, Adif, Infrabel and UIC.

G-Code is managed by the Interfaces and Interaction between Infrastructure and Rolling Stock (TTI) Sector under the Rail System Forum. This project involves not only infrastructure managers (IMs), but also railway undertakings (RUs) and freight operators, as well as the UIC Freight (particularly Combined Transport) and Rolling Stock (RS) Sectors.

The kick-off meeting was opened by Marcos Conceição, UIC Senior Advisor in charge of the project. David Villalmanzo Resusta, Chair of TTI, gave an overview of the project and explained its objectives. G-Code aims to harmonise the different codification methodologies for gauges between IMs and RUs, improving interoperability and network accessibility throughout the EU network. The key outputs will be a guideline in the form of common rules for IMs and RUs for a harmonised codification methodology for gauges and the development of a software tool that will enable verification of compatibility and correspondence between IMs’ and RUs’ gauges to ensure maximum railway line capacity, optimised routing and availability of alternative routes.

The project is divided into four work packages: WP1 – Benchmark studies; WP2 – Infrastructure and rolling stock assessment; WP3 – Development of an application software tool; and WP4 – Guidelines.

During the meeting, the experts discussed some of the concepts and definitions and the different profiles used (UIC GA/GB/GC). MÁV Zrt. gave a presentation explaining the current situation on the Hungarian rail network.

The group’s next meeting is scheduled for 19 January 2022.

For further information, please contact Marcos Da Conceição, Senior Advisor Infrastructure, at conceicao@uic.org

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