Thursday 21 October 2021

Last few days to take part in survey on management of noise from stationary and parked trains

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Noise from the wheel/rail interface is the dominant source of noise generated by the railways, though not the only one. UIC’s new study will help us to better understand the noise emitted from trains that are stationary, idling at signals or parked in depots.

We need your expertise to fill in the gaps!

UIC invites you to take the online survey via this link to deepen understanding, promote infrastructure managers’ and operators’ best practices and increase knowledge-sharing by participating in international platforms. Railway experts must address this particular issue if the railways are to be a good neighbour.

The online survey focuses on the following four areas and includes 28 questions in total:

  • Regulatory frameworks,
  • Complaints,
  • Controlling parking noise,
  • Measurement data.

To view the survey webpage, please visit

For further information, please contact

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