Monday 4 April 2022

Second training session on rolling stock maintenance organised by UIC, ONCF and SNTF

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The second training session on rolling stock maintenance was held online from 28 March to 1 April 2022, bringing together over 100 participants from 14 countries representing railway networks from northern, western and central Africa.

The one-week session was led by experts from UIC, ONCF and SNTF. The programme included presentations on maintenance of tractive power, planning the maintenance of hauled stock, organisation of maintenance workshops, financing and maintenance outsourcing.

Alain Scherrer, UIC Rolling Stock Advisor, gave a presentation and held a two-hour Q&A session with a discussion focusing on a variety of issues such as railway maintenance management, failure types, risk management, quality of parts, experience with major difficulties in maintenance rules and problem-solving. Mr Scherrer noted that UIC provides a technical platform for railway networks to develop and facilitate all forms of international cooperation among members and promote sharing of best practice in respect of the specific situations faced by the members.

Concluding the session, Said Chandid, Head of the UIC Africa Regional Office, thanked the participants, expressing the hope that future sessions would be held in person to enable greater interaction and technical visits. Djamel Challal, SNTF’s Director of Communications, noted that SNTF was available to organise on-site technical visits as soon as the situation allowed.

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