Wednesday 21 December 2022

UIC at CES 2023 Las Vegas

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UIC has been present and active at CES Las Vegas and CES Government since 2017, participating at conferences and panels, delivering keynote speeches, and contributing to promoting rail.

In 2023, UIC will be even more present at CES than ever, as for the very first time, it will have its own booth and has invited two start-ups to join the event:

  • COSLING: an expert start-up in constraints solving and constraint programming software,
  • CYLUS: a start-up dealing with rail cybersecurity.

Moreover, UIC is delighted to be a partner of the CES Village Web 3 Tokenization, alongside other major partners such as FFPB (the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals), ADAN (the Agency for the Development of Digital Assets), Creative Valley, Blockchain Innov, CCE (the Foreign Trade Advisors of France ) and my Global Village.

At CES Village Web 3, UIC will highlight the strategic importance of Web 3 topics for rail, such as digital twins and cybersecurity.

A special thanks to Gilbert Reveillon who helped to make this happen.

Come and visit us at CES 2023 Eureka Park - Village Web 3, 5- 8 Jan 2023, Las Vegas


For further information please contact Christian Chavanel, UIC Rail System Department Director at

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