Friday 1 October 2021

UIC cooperates with FonCSI (Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture)

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Taking the global and systemic approach being developed within the Safety Unit under the impetus of Frédéric Hénon, UIC has decided to work actively on the topics of the “Operator of the future” and scientific “Controller/controlled” relationships as part of the FonCSI 3 scientific programme. In so doing, UIC joins other industries sponsoring FonCSI, such as Airbus, DGAC-DSAC, EDF, EPSF, GRTgaz-Engie, IRSN, SNCF, TotalEnergies and Vinci-Eurovia.

UIC is delighted to be working on the new production methods, organisational structures and professional profiles that will be required to adapt to the needs of future generations of employees. A strategic analysis of the generation of workers to come in 2030-2040 will attempt to provide answers to the question of how young employees and those forced to delay their retirement will work side by side.

The strategic analysis of the controller/controlled focuses on improving the relationship between the safety authorities and companies managing high-risk activities, making an important contribution to safety and ensuring effective management of industrial risk. This work will allow UIC to propose organisational and managerial solutions and/or practical and technical responses to its members regarding these future railway safety challenges.

For more information about FonCSI, please consult:

The FonCSI 3 programme is expected to run until 2023.

For further information, please contact Frédéric Hénon, Head of Operations and Safety at UIC at henon@uic.orggro.ciu:noneh’)]

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