Friday 1 October 2021

UIC launches long version of the video on OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model)

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The UIC Passenger Department is pleased to release a new video on the subject of OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model), the new specification which enables interoperable ticket sales for trains and other modes of transport.

Complementing the publication of a dedicated factsheet and the release of a shorter video in July, this longer version gives further details of the implementation of the Open Sales and Distribution Model specification. The video explains the reasons why OSDM has been developed, which actors are involved in the initiative, and how it enables multimodal cross-border journeys in a single purchase, with the overall aim of making national and international passenger travel across Europe easier and more attractive.

Watch the video here:

Watch the short version here:

Consult the factsheet here:

For further details about OSDM please contact David Sarfatti, Senior Passenger Advisor:

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