Friday 15 October 2021

UIC presents “Digital door-to-door solutions: 10 guiding principles for railways”

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On 12 October, UIC launched “Digital door-to-door solutions: 10 guiding principles for railways”. The guiding principles are the final output of four years of work by the UIC Sustainability Platform, with the support of the Sustainable Development Foundation, to investigate the door-to-door digital solution for railways.

The project aimed to increase collaboration between European railways and shared mobility operators, understand how railways are integrating digital platforms into their services, and analyse the most important case studies.

The ten key principles are all brought to life with case studies from real-life application of digital tools in railways around the world.

The ten principles themselves guide railway organisation for a successful implementation of MaaS tools to enhance customer experience.

Lucie Anderton, Head of UIC Sustainability, opened the session with a welcome message, and Marc Guigon, , UIC Passenger Director, presented an overview of UIC’s work on technical standards and tools to support seamless interconnection between rail and other sustainable mobility modes. Raimondo Orsini, Director of the Sustainable Development Foundation presented the ten guiding principles and railway companies’ best practices.

Stefano Scarci of EY then provided an overview of the door-to-door project developed by UIC’s Passenger Department. This project will enable rail companies to offer door-to-door journey packages through digitally-enabled ticketing, journey management and validation systems, and will leverage the growing adoption of account-based ticketing by transport providers. In addition, the project has defined guidelines and formats for the exchange of real-time data, including train-tracking.

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During the round table session on best practice, Elisabetta Tromellini, (UITP), Luigi Contestabile (RFI) and Yasunari Nakajima (Japan East Railways) discussed how they are implementing the ten guiding principles in tools aimed at better understanding travel behaviour, incentivising off-peak and tourism travel and enhancing the customer experience.

The report can be downloaded free of charge at:

For further information, please contact Lucie Anderton, Head of UIC Sustainability at

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