Thursday 11 May 2023

UIC publishes a technical report on the trends observed at CES Las Vegas

This type of report, which includes the 2023 trends, is intended to be published every year from now on

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UIC participated in CES Las Vegas last January to promote and advocate for railway digitalisation and to foster rail as the backbone of new transport mobility.

UIC has been active at CES Las Vegas and CES Government since 2017, participating in conferences and panels, delivering keynote speeches, and supporting the promotion of rail. CES® is the most influential tech event in the world – a place where breakthrough technologies and global innovators test their mettle. It is one of the best places to learn about emerging global economic trends.

Adaptation to climate change is becoming a major concern, shared worldwide, and the urgency of which has just been recalled by the IPCC. As a result, UIC published its “Vision of Rail in 2030”, encouraging the allocation of funds to invest in the improvements of railway infrastructure, rolling stock and services, as well as innovation to decarbonise operations, in order to drastically increase the number of trains, the number of passengers and freight carried worldwide. Innovation! That is the reason why CES Las Vegas is so important for UIC.

Thanks to CES Las Vegas 2023, it is possible for railway stakeholders from all over the world to identify the main trends in innovation.

UIC has just published a first edition of a technical report describing the trends to be followed.

UIC intends to publish this technical report annually, to share with railway stakeholders these main trends in innovation, as well as specific innovations to monitor for potential transfers to the railways.

The technical report is available at:

For further information, please contact Christian Chavanel, UIC Railway System Director at

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