Tuesday 18 December 2018

Station Managers Global Group (SMGG) held its working group meeting on 11 December 2018 in Naples

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The Station Managers Global Group (SMGG) held its working group meeting on 11 December 2018 at the FS Foundation Museum in Naples.

From now on, and for each meeting, members will define a specific topic and each participant must present their practices in these respects. Concerning the Naples meeting, the members wanted to address the issues of Station Accessibility for PRM.
Thus, SMGG was pleased to welcome the Chairperson of UIC PASSAGE (Passenger Accessibility Solutions Support and Action Group of Experts), Mrs Paola Negri.

For over two hours, each participant introduced their practices and members started a discussion around this topic. This fruitful content will be shared with both PASSAGE & SMGG members.

Feel free to contact Mr Gautier at gautier@uic.org for further insight on this topic.
The second important item on the agenda was the IEC presentation regarding the Long-Term Development for Railway Stations. The first feedback was given to the members of the SMGG. They are invited to give their feedback/remarks/comments or additional elements to Mrs Ekaterina Kozyreva. Any reports on this subject not included in the Appendix provided to participants are welcome.

Following the previous SMGG meeting, members had expressed their interest in developing a database regarding the Smart Solutions, step 2 of the LTDRS project. Following this and after an exchange with the Security Division, Mr Bruno De Rosa presented the “Security Hub” which should be formalised during the month of January. The interest being twofold, first of all, this dynamic platform is a formidable tool for the Station Managers. Secondly, the presentation of this digital platform also made it possible to show members a form of database that could potentially be of interest to them.

Overall, members expressed their agreement to formalise the same type of deliverable. However, the development of such a process should take time and it is important that members redefine more specifically the limits of the database.
The last item on the SMGG’s agenda, the introduction by Mr Luigi Contestabile, UIC SMEN (Sustainable Mobility Expert Network) Chairman and Mr Raimondo Orsini (Italian Sustainable Development Foundation) about the Door-to-Door Project. The UIC Fundamental Values – Sustainable Development Unit and the UIC Passenger Department – Stations are working closely together. All the best processes about mobilities will be highlighted within the LTDRS WP2 – Smart Mobility Solutions.

Museum visit
FS organised a visit for the participants to the Italian railway museum.
This experience of revitalising the territory through the museum is a success, both in terms of its economic and social activity with primary school classes. The role of the museum is wonderful example of what the members of the SMGG want to promote: to make the railway infrastructure more integrated into the city’s landscape, both in terms of urban planning and economic or social aspects.

NS SC meeting
* Reminder of the motto: “Railway Stations Boosting the City”
* Participants were pleased to welcome Mrs Manuela Triggianese, 6th NEXTSTATION speaker for the Smart Facility Manager session, works for the Amsterdam Institute & TU Delft.
* A big part of this meeting was focused on bringing real clarification to each Parallel Session for this 7th NEXTSTATION event.
Finally, members made decisions on the subjects below:

1.A Station Design 1 (Planning)
1.B Sustainability
2.A Smart Solutions for Stations
2.B Services & Commercial activities

3.A Station Design 2 (Stations)
3.B Mobility, Accessibility & D2D Solutions
4.A Security & Safety
4.B Station Management & Financing

You may take a look at the word cloud which sums up the expectations of the Scientific Committee.

The Call for Papers for the 7th NEXTSTATION Conference will be established in February.

Technical visit to Afragola High-Speed Station
RFI/FS kindly proposed a visit for the participants to the Afragola High-Speed Station, the new Naples Railway Station in the North-East of the urban area. The technical visit was led by Mr Filippo Innocenti, the Project Director Architect for the Afragola. He works for Zaha Hadid London Architects Office and teaches at both Florence University of Architecture & Milan Polytechnic.

For 2019
UIC invites you to take a look at the 2019 SMGG & Scientific Committee meetings:
1st SMGG - 5/6 March (Moscow)
2nd SMGG – 11/12 June (Zürich)
3rd SMGG – 18/19 September (Belgium)
4th SMGG – 10 November (Tehran)

* obviously, dates & locations could change subject to member availabilty.

For the 2019 meetings, SMGG presentations will be:

  • Parking impact on the Railway Stations
  • Pedestrian flows
  • Small Stations
  • Ambience in Stations & Customer experience

For further information please contact Clément Gautier, Project Manager – Passenger Department, Station and Intermodal Hubs:


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SMGG participants at the FS Foundation Museum
SMGG meeting – Speech by Mr Luigi Contestabile about Door-to-Door Solutions
FS locomotive at the FS Foundation Museum
Scientific Committee members for the 2019 NEXTSTATION Conference
2019 NEXTSTATION topics
Afragola High-Speed Station
Speech by Mr Filippo Innocenti, Chief Architect in charge of the Afragola project, Zaha Hadid London Architects Office