Tuesday 15 January 2019

UIC participated in CES Government 2019 in Las Vegas

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For the second time, UIC has actively participated in CES and CES Government 2019, represented by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General and Francis Bédel, Chief Digital Officer.

CES is the best opportunity to discover the major digital trends in the coming months and years.

2019 edition focused on the following items:

Smart cities are at the heart of CES 2019 and mobility is one of the main considered issues.

Connected vehicles are only a reality now!

AI is omnipresent / Facial recognition... We are moving from AI for experts only to AI everywhere. A speaker said that the country that would win AI race would win the world”.

Safety is a major concern for all digital actors.

IoT and AI are now set up not only for industry but for pure domestic usage. Penetration rates for software with integrated AI and cloud-based development services are now close to 90%.

The number of connected speakers has exponentially exploded.

Small robots are appearing for individual home use.

5G is omnipresent in CES 2019. It seems that the implementation of 5G should speed up in the coming months.

25 operators have already launched 5G service (in some dedicated cities). 26 more will enter the game in 2020.

China is strongly present in CES 2019. That clearly shows its leading position in digital developments.

Quantum Computing is developing rapidly and will open new horizons among others in communications.

UIC actively participated in different executive round tables.

Francis Bédel, UIC CDO, presented the threats, risks brought about by the development of the Cloud and massive development of IoT considering cybersecurity issues. He exchanged views with representatives of the industry and with the US Government.

Blockchain is developing rapidly in many industry sectors and is seen as the potential answer to secure and efficient exchanges of data among partners.

This emerging technology is strongly supported by government authorities.
UIC presented a first Blockchain POC at GRFC in June to demonstrate the added-value for long rail freight corridors.

The opening of CES Government was the opportunity to honour two important ladies:

• Sofia, a robot gifted with highly developed AI delivered the opening keynote speech of CES Government
• Teresa Carlson, Amazon Vice-President Worldwide Public Sector. Mrs Carlson, after a brief exchange with Sofia and a selfie, delivered a keynote and stressed how cloud computing influenced the development of AI and Machine Learning

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux participated in a panel dealing with “global transformation in smart infrastructure”.

He stressed the importance of the merge between telecommunication and systems, today brought together in a single process.

UIC has taken a leading position with the launch of FRMCS project.
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux was then invited to deliver the conclusion speech.
During his keynote, he said:

UIC has supported the development and the implementation of all main railway projects. Let me mention among others, ECTS, ERTMS, GSM-R. Obviously, this list is far from exhaustive.

With the Digital Revolution, we now face three new paradigms:

Possess to access
Better balance between individual liberty and collective benefit
We have to go from self-centred habits to open ecosystems

In this context, transport:

  • Has to go from mobility to accessibility
  • Is becoming an optimised way to access a succession of space and time slots in different modes

In this century, rail has to be seen as the backbone of a new integrated mobility chain.

In this context, at the very heart of exponential changes with major milestones such as Big Data connectivity, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, AI, IoT and Cloud Computing, the UIC Digital Platform has implemented an area of work through, among others, the design of POC, the organisation of learning sessions, conferences, workshops…in order to understand and to apply this to our jobs.

The establishment of partnerships with start-ups and incubators aims to attract them to subscribe to the amazing potential of the international railway community.
UIC, through its projects, its conferences, its standards, its innovation efforts, with its Members, with its institutional partners, its industrial partners, the Universities has to strongly support this philosophy “Open, Share, Connect”, so that the railway world can not only survive this digital revolution but can also contribute: a new approach to mobility in the cities, in the regions, between countries and between continents.

For me, all this can be summarised in an acronym:

SICICOM: Sustainable Integrated Connected Intelligent Chain of Mobility

Don Upson, Co-Chair CES Government and Brett McMillen, Director US Federal Amazon Web Services, presented to Jean-Pierre Loubinoux a special CES Government Award in recognition of his leading position as UIC Director General, underlining the great involvement of UIC and rail in digital developments.

For further information please contact Francis Bédel, Chief Digital Officer:


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01. From left to right: Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, Brett McMillen, Director US Federal Amazon Web Services, Don Upson, Co-Chair CES Government
03. Ms Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington and Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General
04. On the right: Mr Jean-Michel Mis, French MP