Tuesday 26 February 2019

4th UIC Regional Assembly for North America to be held on 25 March 2019 in Colorado Springs

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UIC is pleased to invite its North American Members to NARA, the 4th UIC Regional Assembly for North America.

NARA will organise on 25 March a morning panel session focusing on the Vision for Innovation. From UIC, presentations will be given by:

  • Jean-Michel Evanghelou, UIC Head of Telecom & Signalling: Presentation of the main telecom challenges (Future Railway Mobile Communication System FRMCS)
  • Martin Brennan, European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC): Overview of UIC Research projects
  • Francis Bédel, UIC Chief Digital Officer: Digital developments of the UIC Digital Platform; presentation of DIGIM project, clear station, promotion of the first UIC global Intelligent Digital Rail conference which will take place on 3-5 June in Brussels in partnership with Infrabel (Belgian Infrastructure Manager)

North American speakers will also share their views on the subject, including:

  • Sean Shofield, Senior Advisor Innovation, VIA Rail: presentation of the Ottawa station POC
  • Maryam Allahyar, Director, Research & Development, FRA
  • Representative from Research Team at FRA: transportation of hazardous materials
  • Kari Gonzales, CFO, Transportation Technology Center

In the afternoon, NARA will give the opportunity to discuss the following statutory topics:

  • Addressing the challenges in creating a coherent community of cooperation amongst the major North American players
  • Gathering the community of seven current Members
  • Welcoming observers (among them APTA, Universities, etc.)
  • Highlighting Actions that will sustain the North American community in the coming years (Vision)
  • Presenting François Davenne, UIC Deputy Director General

North American members will have the opportunity at the end to present their key activities and priorities. A work plan will be decided for the coming year.

For further information please contact Marie Plaud-Lombard, UIC Coordinator for the UIC North American Region:


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