Tuesday 9 April 2019

Meeting of the Talent & Expertise Development Platform at ÖBB, Vienna from 4 – 5 April 2019

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The spring meeting of the UIC Talent & Expertise Development Platform (TEDP) which took place at the kind invitation of ÖBB, was held in Vienna on 4 and 5 April October 2019 and brought together training executives/representatives from 21 different rail training centres/institutions, with a geographical coverage of 18 countries.

As for all TEDP meetings, one part of the meeting was dedicated to topical presentations and workshops, the other part to the update on the latest developments of the Talent & Expertise Development unit/platform, including progress of work for the activities at the focus of the Platform for the next three years.

The first part dedicated to topical presentations and workshops started on the first day morning with presentations of apprenticeship system in Austria and ÖBB in particular with a campaign “Learning a profession at ÖBB”.
The campaign is called NASICHER! which means “for sure!”
See more at: https://nasicher.at/

The second topical issue, ranking high on the ÖBB HR agenda is related to the VERA (“Virtual” European Rail Academy) study. The study has been commissioned by 22 CEO to identify potential areas of cooperation in order to meet major future challenges of the railway sector in the field of human resources. More operationally, the study should support UIC and CER in their ongoing activities to intensify the pooling of knowledge and resources. The study should identify concrete areas of cooperation and initiatives that can serve as a basis for a (VERA). The selected consultant presented the different phases of the project and started exchanges with the Platform’s members. Results of the study are expected in October 2019.
Additional presentations were related to ÖBB holding HR development and training organisation, as well as the training portfolio in ÖBB Produktion, with a special focus on the train driver training.

The second part of TEDP was dedicated to information and reporting about the latest developments at UIC in general, from the members and within the framework of the Talent & Expertise Development Platform.
The colleague from RZD presented their programme regarding exchanges of young talents.
Within the framework of the TEDP:

(1) World Congress on Rail Training (WCRT) 2019 “Unite, Inspire, Connect”
WCRT 2019 will take place in Rabat from 9 – 11 October 2019

A wide range of topics will be covered, including:

Development of competences
Human Factors
How to attract new generation
Management development cycle
Safety & SecurityTraining management cycle
Transfer of knowledge
Challenging mindsets

WCRT 2019 is also supporting talent attraction & retention with a new partnership option:

WCRT 2019 Partnership options

First option 8000- Euro : includes Congress booth, 5 minute partner presentation at the beginning of the Congress, 2 free tickets, logo on the front page (footer) of ppt-presentations, full-page advertisement in and logo on the back page of the congress booklet
New! Second option 8000.- Euro

WCRT2019 IS SUPPORTING TALENT ATTRACTION AND RETENTION! Involving young railway professionals, providing them with an opportunity to gain access to international exposure and offering a networking platform for young railway talent.

This will include 3 regular fee entries, logo on the front page (footer) of PowerPoint-presentations, half-page advertisement in booklet and logo on the back page of the congress booklet and 3 young professional entries.

The “young railway professionals” can either be newcomers to the company or students from partner company universities.

The partner will have a 5 minute slot at the beginning of the congress to deliver a presentation to the young professionals and to explain to the congress why the company decided to reward them with entry to the congress (e.g. made innovative research – were first during a recruitment day competition, etc.)

Free accommodation is provided for the young talents

All information, including sponsorship modalities, draft programme, abstracts, venue, as well as registration will be soon available at www.wcrt2019.org

(2) TrainRail – a new initiative in the frame of TALENT project for rail universities and training centres

The new board, created under the aegis of TEDP, was validated at the UIC General Assembly of December 2018.
TrainRail is a world-wide effort to offer all railway stakeholders a ‘one-stop-shop’ for education, training and learning resources, as well as pool expertise and resources of rail academia, corporate training centres and rail associations at a worldwide level.

The main objectives of TrainRail include reducing the gap between education offers and employer’s needs as well as to identify, support and boost, at the international level, initiatives towards youth to raise the attractiveness of rail jobs & professions.
An announcement to stakeholders will soon follow.

(3) ERTMS basic training

The purpose of the project is to develop an ERTMS basic online training course (targeted at young professionals, students, apprentices...) for all functional areas of the European railways, which should ensure standardisation of knowledge. The first module; “Basic Principles” was launched in March 2018 and has been publicly accessible online since then. Two additional modules for” train driver” and “Infrastructure Manager” will be developed in 2019-2020.


(4) Future of work & training

Group members which met twice since the last TEDP held in Riga in October 2018 agreed to focus the analysis on four selected sectors of railway activities ( traffic control, infrastructure maintenance, driving, train management) looking at the future technological trends on these activities and their impact on jobs/t-asks and training now, in 5 years, in 10 years.
The main scope of the research is to describe future railway work scenarios, make forecasts of impact on jobs and match the best L&D Technologies. The methodology is mainly by interviews to line and HR managers and by collecting comparable data.

The next meeting of the Talent & Expertise Development Platform is scheduled to be held in spring 2020 (the platform is organised once a year when the same year as WCRT).

UIC contact: Nathalie Amirault, Head of the UIC Talent & Expertise Development Unit:


www.wcrt2019.org (soon released)

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