Tuesday 21 May 2019

The Statistics Steering Committee held its spring meeting from 15 – 16 May 2019 in Poznan, Poland

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The Statistics Steering Committee held its spring meeting in Poznan, Poland from 15 – 16 May 2019, at the kind invitation of Polish infrastructure manager PKP PLK. Eight active member companies took part in the meeting, including RZD for the first time.

The Committee is an executive body of the Statistics group that develops appropriate methodologies and terminology for the harmonisation of railway statistics as well as the collection of data from member companies, the calculation of basic indicators and the dissemination of these data. This harmonisation promotes the availability of
comprehensive and reliable railway statistics and improves international
comparability of railway statistics.

The welcome speech included information about key indicators of PKP PLK and its crucial role within the Polish railway system.

The Committee assessed and evaluated a new version of RAILISA which is the key project of “Improvement of RAILISA” (Rail Information System and Analysis).

Part of the meeting focused on brainstorming of the UIC Economic Footprint Study which is developed by the Data, Economics and Statistics Unit at UIC and will declare and quantify the importance of railways for society.

The Committee revised and updated particularly both financial and non-financial indicators which ones serve for benchmarking of member companies based on collected statistical data.

Regarding the rules and recommendations of railway statistics, the Committee assessed positively the progress within the project of uploading the Statistics Glossary (former UIC Code 390-1) into the RailLexic. RailLexic is UIC’s terminology database and the leading reference in the field of multilingual railway terminology. The database contains approximately 16,000 terms in the following 23 languages. The project contributes to the harmonisation of terminology within UIC.

The Committee co-operates with statistical experts within other international organisations. The Committee assessed the progress of the work of UNECE on the revision of “UNECE/ITF/Eurostat Glossary for Transport Statistics”. The Committee was informed about active participation of UIC Statistics in the meeting of OSJD statistics experts in March and the meeting of ITF/OECD statistics in April.

In order to harmonise the reporting within the railway sector, the Committee was informed about “Key Performance Indicators for performance benchmarking” carried out by means of PRIME (Platform of Railway Infrastructure Managers in Europe).

The Committee proposed, discussed and approved the agenda of the forthcoming plenary meeting of the Statistics group to be held at UIC on 27 November 2019.

In addition to the meeting, PKP PLK provided the Committee members with an excursion to the Mobile Centre of Monitoring the security at stations and lines.

Please visit Railisa at http://uic-stats.uic.org/ and send any comments to

UIC members are invited to continue to provide data using our online tool: http://stats.uic.org/

For further information please see uic.org/statistics or contact

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