Tuesday 10 September 2019

The 7th Organising Committee meeting for the UIC nextstation 2019 Conference was held at RAI headquarters in Tehran

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The 7th Organising Committee to prepare and plan the 7th International UIC nextstation 2019 Conference was held at the RAI headquarters International Affairs Department in Tehran on 3 September 2019. The meeting was attended by the UIC team composed of the UIC Passenger Department Director, the UIC Director of Communications as well as UIC Senior Advisors from the UIC Passenger and Communication departments together with a delegation and representatives from related departments of RAI.

The meeting discussed different topics and issues including finalising the speakers of the opening and closing sessions, the timing of the conference programme, the number of received papers, student competitions, side exhibition of the conference and the exhibitors, UIC & RAI common stand, technical visit and any other related issues, the result of which will be put on the website of the conference soon. (https://nextstation.org/)

It was also agreed to hold a meeting of the Chairs of UIC Regions as well of CEOs of UIC members together with the UIC Director General and UIC Chair to discuss UIC’s priorities in 2020 as a side event of the conference.

Iranian Railways (RAI) have made special arrangements for the international participants of the conference, including a technical visit of Isfahan, the most historical and touristic city of Iran during the evening of 12 November. The participants will stay in Isfahan for one night at the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan (http://www.abbasihotel.ir/en(. All information about the Isfahan technical visit is available on the website of the conference at this link: https://nextstation.org/technical-visit-isfahan

RAI has also arranged a Tehran Tour for the accompanying persons of the international participants as a social event of the conference. Information about this social event is available on the website and also at the following link: https://nextstation.org/social-event

Alongside the conference, there will be stands in the side exhibition of the conference presenting Iran’s tourist trains as well as Iran’s historical and cultural heritage and products.
In addition, the conference hotel reservation with special rate and discount is valid until 22 September 2019. In this regard, it is necessary for participants to register and reserve their accommodation as soon as possible. The hotel reservation link is also available at: https://nextstation.org/accommodation

As already announced, participants will not have their passports stamped on entering/exiting but will be given an electronic visa.

RAI and UIC once again ask station managers, experts and university professors to submit their papers on the subjects of the conference as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or need further information, you may contact the UIC & RAI international affairs departments by emailing gautier@uic.orggro.ciu:reituag’)]

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