Tuesday 22 October 2019

UIC Air+Rail and Door2Door meetings held on 10 October 2019 at UIC, Paris

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In pursuing its mission, a key driver for UIC is the promotion of cooperation, not only within the rail industry but also with external strategic partners.

With such a goal in mind, the UIC Passenger Services Group has started in 2019 two pluriannual projects, named respectively Air+Rail and D2D. The former is focused on evaluating cooperation opportunities with airline operators, targeting an improvement in the interoperability between rail and air transport solutions. The latter views in the cooperation with public transport companies an opportunity for developing new multimodal door-to-door mobility solutions. In both cases, a central pillar is the improvement of the customer experience, also by involving external stakeholders besides UIC itself.

On 10 October, the last meeting for this year took place at UIC Headquarters in Paris, following a series of other project meetings held during 2019. The working group, welcomed by Luca Mariorenzi, Programme Manager of both projects and Chairman of the UIC Passenger Experts Subgroup, can leverage on the contributions of a number of experts, namely: Bob Vinke and Frauke Quik of NS; Mario Canu of Trenitalia; Sandra Dobler of CIT; Nelson Sorgo and Mateja Matajic of SZ; Pawel Dydyszko and Andrzejewski Marek of PKP; Agnes Orosz of MAV; David Sarfatti, Fabrice Setta, Clemens Gantert, and Kurt De Vriendt of the UIC Passenger Expert Subgroup.

The major topic of discussion concerned the main contents of the final outcome expected for 2019: a position paper picturing multimodality as-is, the key areas of cooperation and the proposal for the action roadmap for 2020. With regard to this last point, next year will focus mainly on the strategy design of the solutions identified, and on the definition of the Technical Interoperability Guidelines. The related activities are scheduled to begin in January, while the next meetings will take place in February 2020.

For further information please contact David Sarfatti, Senior Passenger Advisor:


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