Tuesday 14 January 2020

UIC invited to participate in CES 2020 Las Vegas

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For the third consecutive year, UIC was invited to take part in CES 2020, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show that takes place every year in Las Vegas. It is world’s largest trade show dedicated to innovation and digital developments and was attended by over 200,000 visitors in four days.

The event is a unique opportunity to identify the major digital trends and to meet key actors.

For the 2020 edition, the key words were:

  • Smart city
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability

During her keynote speech, Elaine Chao, US Secretary of Transportation, highlighted that safety is and will remain the major concerns to be considered, the first priority being the protection of the users.

She emphasised the importance of security and cyber security and mentioned that technology has to remain neutral.

The worldwide digital ecosystem was widely represented with hundreds of start-ups present at Eureka Park.

As has been the case for the past two years, UIC also participated in CES Government.

Francis Bédel, UIC Chief Digital Officer, took part in a round table with a mix of participants from the industry or various institutions.

He stressed the importance of security and safety and their special features in the rail sector, and how these two values have to be rolled out in digital projects.

Cyber security is and will remain the top priority for rail.

For further information please contact Francis Bédel, UIC Chief Digital Officer:


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