Tuesday 18 February 2020

UIC delegation attends meeting from 10 – 11 February 2020 at ONCF headquarters in Rabat

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On 10 – 11 February a UIC delegation, represented by UIC Director General Mr François Davenne, and UIC Chief Financial Officer and UIC African Region Coordinator Thierry Béra, met Mr Mohamed Khlie, Director General of ONCF and the ONCF delegation including Mr Simouni, ONCF Director General, Mr Said Chandid et Mr Mohamed Belarbi at the ONCF headquarters in Rabat.

During the course of a two-day meeting, both sides evoked the issue of cooperation between UIC and ONCF cooperation, the strategy development of the UIC African Region and the strengthening of cooperation with the African Union and African Authorities. One of the main subjects of the discussion included the development of training in the African region with the involvement and financing by relevant institutions, and the opening of the second training school in Africa with the instalment of English training sessions.

Further discussion included the development of the 2020 action plan with the following projects:

  • Joint workshop between Middle East and African Region June 2020
  • 2nd African Rail Digital Conference in Tunisia June 2020
  • Seminar of Rail Project Management in Addis Ababa July 2020
  • UIC Days in Rabat September 2020
  • Level Crossing Seminar in Algeria third quarter 2020
  • Biannual Trainings in Rabat in May and in November 2020

For further information regarding the African Region please contact Thierry Béra, UIC Chief Financial Officer:


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