Tuesday 16 June 2020

Virtual Multidisciplinary Advisory Group Meeting on Transport Policy Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis

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The Chair of the UNECE Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics (WP.5) organised a WebEx hosted an “Informal Multidisciplinary Advisory Group Meeting on Transport Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis” which took place on 9 June 2020.

This virtual meeting brought together representatives of ministries of transport, and health and customs officials from across the UNECE region (and beyond) to:

  • Take stock of the challenges experienced by the inland transport sector in view of the current pandemic
  • Discuss possible issues in scaling-up cross-border traffic; and
  • Exchange views on possible recommendations to increase transport authorities` preparedness for and resilience to future outbreak

UIC presented the work of the Covid-19 Task Force. All can be found at: https://www.unece.org/index.php?id=54291&no_cache=1

The deliberations of this meeting will help develop a working document requested by the UNECE Inland Transport Committee at its 82nd session for discussion at the forthcoming WP.5 session (Geneva, 7 – 9 September 2020).

Delegates from the following UNECE Working Parties invited to participate and contribute: Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics (WP.5); Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (WP.24) and Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30). Participation from relevant partner organisations such as the WHO/Europe, UNCTAD, UN regional commissions and private sector transport and logistics associations was welcomed as well.

This informal meeting was conducted by Roel Janssens, Secretary, Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics (WP.5): roel.janssens@un.org

At UIC please contact Snejana Markovic-Chenais, Senior Economics Advisor: markovic@uic.org

For further information about the UIC Covid-19 Task Force please contact covid19@uic.org

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