Tuesday 30 June 2020

The UIC Covid-19 Task Force has published a fourth guidance document on the Management of Covid-19

RAILsilience, back on the track

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As a reminder, UIC set up a Task Force combining UIC member companies, experts and other relevant stakeholders in February 2020 to work together to find ways to respond to the Corona virus crisis that were adapted to the railway sector.

The UIC Covid-19 Task Force’s main purpose is to provide a trusted space for our members and fellow transport associations to share information and current practice with one another regarding this crisis. The Covid-19 Task Force has now 70 Members from more than 50 rail companies and 18 international organisations.

All this work carried out in collaboration has led to the publication of three guidance documents since March 2020.

In March: the first guidance document, “Management of Covid-19 – Guidance for railway stakeholders” was published.

In April: a second guidance document, “Potential measures to restore confidence in rail travel following the Covid-19 pandemic,” was published.

In May: a third guidance document, “RAILsilience – How the rail sector fought Covid-19 during lockdowns,” was published.

In June, a fourth guidance document, “RAILsilience, back on track”, focusing on the recovery period and the various measures being taken by the railways post-confinement has now been published.

Having demonstrated their RAILsilience during lockdowns, rail stakeholders were already envisioning how they could continue to be RAILsilient post-lockdowns, how they could get themselves back on track, or rather, back on the railway track.
The main themes of this report deal with:

  • Passenger Service Resumption Post Confinement
  • Freight Service Post Lockdowns
  • Staff Confidence
  • Security and Ethical/Legal Issues

This guidance document is available with all the publications on the UIC Covid-19 dedicated webpage:

A fifth guidance document is currently being prepared and will focus on the economic impact of Covid-19 on rail.

You can also join the LinkedIn group UIC Covid-19 Task Force for exchange and discussions: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13846065/

For more information about the work of the UIC Covid19 Task Force, please contact the task force team at covid19@uic.org

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