Thursday 16 July 2020

Korea: The Korea Railroad has informed the world of Covid-19 response know-how

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UN ESCAP-OSJD co-sponsored video seminar to announce cases of prevention and public interest
WB and UIC are also introduced earlier … Continue cooperation, such as sharing experiences with the international community

  • Participated in a video seminar (webinar) jointly hosted by the United Nations Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Council (UN ESCAP) [1] and the International Railway Cooperation Organization (OSJD [2]) held by the Korea Railroad (KORAIL) from 7 to 8 Sharing experiences.
  • Despite the situation in which the number of train users sharply dropped to 30% compared to the previous year after the occurrence of Covid-19, the Korean Railroad maintains normal operation during the week to secure citizens’ mobility rights, and is engaged in preemptive prevention and public interest support activities. We are being invited to webinars one after another.
  • In this webinar, more than 100 people from 36 organisations, including government officials and railroad operators of UN ESCAP and OSJD member countries, participated in the Corona 19 Era International Railway Transport and Asian Transit Railroad Network’s Challenges and Opportunities for International Railway Transport along Trans-Asian Railway Network and beyond in the times of Covid-19 Pandemic).
  • In the case presentation session, the Korean Railway established a joint defense system with the government and local governments
    • All stations are operated twice a day, KTX is released more than 4.5 times
    • Priority release of windows for social distances and expansion of unreserved seats
    • Airports for international immigrants only Bus and KTX exclusive car operation
    • Introduced the current status of segregation of traffic lines and hand disinfectants.

Along with this, Korean Railway explained to the public about free transportation of medical volunteers and the campaign to wear masks, and presented a future vision to prepare for the post-corona era.

In the seminar, participants also participated in reviewing long- and short-term measures to increase the sustainability of international rail freight transport, and also discussed ways to work together between ESCAP-OSJD to strengthen international rail transportation.

  • Meanwhile, the Korea Railroad was previously invited to the World Bank [3] webinar in May, and announced the Corona 19 response strategy for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), railway operators in Asia and Africa, and non-governmental organisations.

In April, the UIC (International Union of Railways) also introduced the current status of Korea Railroad’s rapid corona response twice on its website.

  • An official from the Korea Railroad said, “It is thanks to the cooperation of the people and the people in solidarity and cooperation that the Korean railway’s response to Covid-19 is attracting attention in international organisations that have a large number of member countries around the world. “We plan to share the infectious disease response process and know-how with related organisations.”

(Source: Korail)

[1(Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Commission, ESCAP) As an international organisation for economic development of Asia Pacific countries (62 countries) under the UN established in 1947, Korea joined in 1954.

[2(International Railway Cooperation Agency, OSJD) It consists of governments and railroad operating institutions in 29 countries including Korea, Russia, China, and North Korea. Selected as two major international railway organisations along with the International Union of Railways (UIC)

[3(World Bank, WB), a multilateral development bank established in 1945 aimed at combating poverty worldwide and economic development in developing countries.

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On the afternoon of the 7th, Korea Railroad participated in a video seminar related to Corona19 jointly hosted by the United Nations Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Council (UN ESCAP) and the International Railroad Cooperation Organization (OSJD) to share the experiences of corona19 in the railroad sector. © Korail
UN ESCAP-OSJD webinar progress screen